4 Dating rules to break

Rules, rules, rules. People have come up with rules for everything. Have you ever thought about why the rules are always in the first place? Well, probably because once people realize that these instructions do all the work much easier, all scenarios due to them become more tolerant, etc. the Rules make things more formal. And so, people invented the rules for Dating. Here is boredom. Seriously, the only rule for Dating is no more or less universal rules. Dude who spent his life in search of rules for Dating, not going out with anyone, except online. So, some tips can help you, but these four rules accurately can be neglected.

1. Three day rule

three day ruleThe guy who constantly adhere to this rule, a complete idiot. You’ve probably heard this rule: that you can’t call girl before three days after your first meeting. Someone said about two days. Some idiots even of the whole week. Okay? You actually might wait a week before calling a girl that you really are interested in? If you in truth like, no problem, call her tomorrow, just don’t talk to her for hours. Eliminate their manual of Dating right now, otherwise you risk losing it without even having.

2. Classic Dating

classic DatingMost people are accustomed at first to do the usual things. Here is the tediousness. Not nudi, wimps don’t like. If you know she likes certain things that are different from boring sitting in cafes and going to the movies, invite her. It will show how attentive you are to her and will leave a much better impression than the banal pasta or a romantic Comedy. Save these speeches for the lazy afternoon hours on Saturday, when you will already be married. No need to throw her out of the plane on the first date, but to sit and be bored somewhere before the silver screen is also not very cool.

3. Do not show feelings

If you do, man, really taken with her, if this is some crazy bullshit, let it happen. If your emotions are exactly the same as in her, this feeling can be show, don’t be shy. Life is too short to pretend. Hold hands, kiss in public, allow your hearts to beat… well, all within limits, of course. Stop worrying on the subject of «Oh, I have to keep up appearances and social norms,» and soothe his friend. He who is not able to appreciate such feelings, or have already died, or do you just not on the road.

4. To be cool

to be coolEveryone tries to be cooler when it comes out. The problem is that a lot of people trying too hard. Many pretend to be someone they are not really to hit them sitting in front of the girl. But is pretense and deception better than to show his true face? Never pretend to hit someone. So you will not find happiness. So take off these stupid pilots, stupid skinny and be yourself!