4 augmented reality, which is not worse than pokemon

Sooner or later it had to happen, and what happened with pokemon is rather the rule than the exception. The most popular mobile game in the world (to date), of course, influenced the world and made a major contribution to the Association of the virtual with the real, and in such a fascinating way. However, this is not the first such app, and not even the first game like that. These applications came before and also very interesting and useful in their own way.

Field Trip

What it is: a virtual tour of everyone around you.

It is omnipresent and all-knowing guide, only he did not have to pay and carry a hand, it fits in your pocket. The tour itself runs in the background on your phone when you get to interesting sights, you’re getting the notification. The app draws information from various databases, do not forget to warn of the presence of a number of interesting historic sites, shops and underrated beauty, as well as places where you can tasty and inexpensive meal.

However, the Russian version of the game is full of flaws, like sloppy translation, well, these little things are resolved.



What it is: «multiplayer» sci-Fi game where players battle for control of the portals in the real world.

Many people compare Pokémon Go with this game. The principle is the same — reality is distorted and varies through the camera of your smartphone. Augmented reality is no less exciting, only the pokemon was doomed to success due to the fact that it’s pokémon.

In the game, the players cross their own city, fighting for control of «portals», which added the familiar landscapes. Players can join a faction, look for artifacts and use energy. In General, the process is very exciting.



What it is:a world of epic treasure hunt.

Geocaching is an activity where people use GPS to find tiny caches hidden by other people around the world. It would seem that the boom of this game was still in the middle of last year, and still meet the searchers, alien stash. Unfortunately, the players don’t hide the gold bars, pieces of eight and treasure map: a typical «cache» is nothing more than a waterproof container containing a piece of paper signed by the people who found it before you, and perhaps some unnecessary trinkets that they left behind. But caches are located in places that represent the natural, historical, cultural and geographical interest. So the game turns into active learning process.

In any case, this is a hobby enjoyed by millions, capable of worse pokemon to force you to leave the house. But if the app does not slow down, all the cards have loaded, and in your town there are people who are not sorry to leave the hiding spot, the game even takes on meaning and interest.


Star Walk

What it is: an interactive Handbook of space nerds of all ages.

This is a real star-telephone magic. The application will be able to replace astronomical Atlas, enough to raise the device to the sky, and you know that strange cluster of stars above you has a name. It does not matter, day or night, recognize day and night.

Also, you can learn a lot about the constellations, nebulae and meteor rains, which were previously available to the human eye only with a telescope, on a moonless night, far from the city.

The program has a lot of nice extra features that help you to visualize the cosmic currents. Using «time Machine» to track the movement of astronomical objects in time and space, to speed it up, slow down or turn back. The function «Augmented reality» superimposes a virtual image of the constellations and planets on the image with your camera. And as a bonus — photos from outer space.

The only disadvantage of the application — it is paid. But 49 cents is not that much money. Another thing is that after the next update to «star» the fun has poured a ton of dirt, because there unnoticed still bugs, but it’s the application that sometimes completely refuses to run or simply crashes. But the developers have promised to fix it.


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