4 actions that girls secretly hate men

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Can a man be too masculine? Of course not. Courage does not happen much. However, there are some bad men’s actions that women hate us and they do not consider masculine, such as these:

1. Fake fight

When you and your friend rolling on the ground depict a fight, something like a friendly fight, no injuries — it’s a fake. The girl’s eyes, such actions do not look male, rather she sees it as something childish, which, of course, doesn’t make you more manly in her eyes.

2. Greed to money

Women love ambitious, successful men. However, most women say they don’t like guys who are very hungry for money. If you say something like: «I’m married to the money / my work / my business,» keep in mind, the girl is unlikely to make it to your list of advantages.

3. Super quiet behavior during sex

For women communication is very important even during and especially during sex. You like it when a girl moans or whispers something in your ear, then you don’t be too silent! If you do your work and don’t make absolutely no sounds, you risk to look like a psychopath.

4. Posing

One study found that men can not change its position when it passes by a hot girl. It’s okay if you’re straight, straighten your shoulders and chest. However try not to overdo it. There’s nothing worse than a dude trying to be like the big guy. Relax.

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