3D smartphones will be used to create maps

In February this year, Google presented an interesting project — prototype of the Project Tango smartphone with multiple cameras, a depth sensor and the ability to make 250 thousand 3D measurements per second. This project has interested even NASA: this summer the Agency will launch into orbit robots with built-in smartphones. However, this is not the only perspective for the use of packaged equipment, Project Tango.

Laboratory workers GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania integrated a smartphone into a robot kwadraat, creates a three-dimensional map. Why? It needs to help the robot find his way, even if the GPS signal is unavailable. As long as everything goes according to plan: in the video you can clearly see that such a drone out of the way just don’t care. Each time he stubbornly returns to the course and continues its way along a predetermined path. In the future, Project Tango can be used for delivery of goods.

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