3D printers that can be assembled with your own hands


We have found that for 3D printers the future. And I think no need to explain to you why purchasing this will soon become commonplace for every family. Such printers are like TVs and refrigerators, that is a compulsory acquisition of the person of the XXI century. A 3D printer can help you prepare a meal, make a scooter, to construct the model house and even replaced a valve on the heart in old age. However, while we are confined to small parts that are still very cool and could potentially help you in your job and earning money (at least as extra earnings). However, if you buy a 3D printer, you are faced with a serious problem — high costs.

Normal printers go on sale from 30 thousand rubles, and end up on some horrible figures. But you always have the choice to assemble a 3D printer yourself. You don’t have to buy all the components of the printer separately. It is enough to find a good set, where all already is. Assembly printer will still be significantly cheaper than ready. Besides don’t you want to challenge yourself? You like to sit with a hipster that shows off your modern printer, and you’re like, «But I got my printer.»

1 MC7 Prime Mini


One of the most easy to assemble, set up and operate a 3D printer. Developed in the Master kit, which specializiruetsya on these sets. Anyway, if you assemble the printer yourself, you begin to better understand how it works. It helps newcomers to understand the intricacies of printing. In the preparation MC7 Prime Mini you don’t even need a soldering iron — if you have a couple of screwdrivers, then they will last. The most important thing in any set of self-Assembly is manual. We have already found out, when he collected in his childhood model aircraft that went terribly difficult with instructions. Master kit his instructions can only please. Even if you do not understand from the instructions, you can go to the manufacturers website and look in the special section the solution of the problem with the Assembly.

The construction itself is assembled on the basis of the vertical posts, it seems delicate. But it has sufficient stiffness for high-quality printing. But if you want to upgrade, which will allow you to print ABS plastic, then pay attention to the heated table EF03016 (MC7). The printer can also be equipped with 3D Smart Controller with display and SD card reader cards, which the printer will operate autonomously, without connecting to the computer.

2 MC2 printer


Feature of this printer is the use of so-called herringbone gears», plastic instead of timing belts for X and Y. This allows to achieve higher accuracy axis and with increased smoothness. This printer is perfect for the base of something bigger, because to finalize MC2 printer as printing additional design details of the printer. Special mention worthy of the human software that is open and free. This applies to all printers in MC series, but of course each of them has their own particular settings.3 MC5 printer


This printer has a very rigid structure, due to which the print speed is much higher than all listed. Almost all body parts are made of plywood using laser cutting. To assemble this printer, especially the beginner, will not be easy. However, the printer itself is an excellent example for learning 3D modeling it is unpretentious, easy to operate, its electronics modules and driver stepper motors quickly and easily replaced. It is also possible to print plastic of different types, but you will certainly have to fork out for the purchase of a heated table. In addition, the MC5 can be purchased and installed enhanced desktop that gives you the ability to print larger parts.

Wanhao Duplicator 4 i3


If the printer is from China, it does not mean that it is bad. Today China is doing amazing things and, importantly for us, they do it cheaper than their European or Japanese colleagues. And who cares what they copy? If the copy works just like the original, it is best to acquire a copy. For example, a printer Wanhao Duplicator i3 are processing the printer Prusa i3. The company Wanhao decided to create a simple printer that can do not configure and assemble. So if you don’t like the idea of assembling the printer with your hands, but you want to buy something budget, but it works, then Duplicator i3 created for you. The printer itself is reliable, as its chassis is entirely made of steel.