3D printer, who will prepare food for you.


What happens if you combine food and 3D printer? Get a magic machine called Foodini.

Don’t know about you, but we here in the editorial office in shock. «What came to progress».

Foodini is the first 3D printer that will allow people with magic and technology with ease to print food. This unit is ideal for those who are always busy or just not able to make more or less edible and suitable for the stomach foods. In General, it’s right for you.

The concept of Foodini is simple. Separately prepare all the ingredients, pick a recipe on your computer or smartphone and get out. Yes, it’s really simple.

Of course we don’t think it will simplify your life, but to have such a thing at home, it’s cool! You’ll have a personal chef in a fancy 3-D printer.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients from the night and in the morning, before you pee or brush your teeth, just click on the start button. Thus you can save 20-30 minutes each day. Or Vice versa you will spend even more time watching the work of this amazing gizmo.

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