30 years, and the Palace in the Alps, no



Hi guys.

Dokurivat another cigarette and looking away people, enjoy the summer, caught a nasty thought.

And now, almost 30. And behind only «cut down forests» and the sweet moments with passionate beauties. All dreamed of your business, a strong family, a cabin in the mountains near the lake, a private garage, an avid Harley and rubber Bank account somewhere away from the eyes of the government was vague and seem unattainable.

And like you know that all is not lost, however, the following ten years to start the same business is terrible. Scary again burn and back to the half-smoked cigarette.

Throw a couple tips at this age not to embarrass myself again?

The answer

Hello, dear reader. And in what actually a problem? Why unattainable? Because you’re comfortable in that indeterminate state in which you are now? Well, if you’re scared to go back to the half-smoked cigarette, he did not rush to leave, smoke on health. You’re so good: money in your pocket is, the friends you still like it, and anyway, things could be much worse. You look at the billions of stars, flying UFO and rush to the South of birds, there are hundreds of local craftsmen scribble consumer goods on motivation, the charlatans are touring with the business training, inventing new gadgets, devices, and even missiles began to land, and you just realized that you left to go for their dreams.

And you have not invented anything better than to ask the advice of the magazine, even the best in the world. Perhaps if you dreamed about it really, not for a moment stopped would be plowed like farmer Gomel during Lukashenka’s visit to the field — dedicated and with double zeal. But the thought of not visiting you often, then everything is fine. You just passed another life milestone, and as you remember, at the end of each level summarizes and provides statistics. Don’t worry, in a few weeks will go. Another thing is that the years go by, you’re not getting any younger, only older and not getting any better. Nothing achieved, nothing is achieved. And, most likely, even in the presence of a lake house and a Harley, you’re going to ask questions about his past life, and even bored at times of youth, when the soul was nothing, only the burned field. But a solid Bank account will ward off bad thoughts, in the end, the person needs to be a purpose in life to which he must go, otherwise he is no different from a zombie.In fact, we can’t give you advice on how not to embarrass myself again. Because we don’t know how you screwed up in previous times. We don’t know what you were doing, how it happened, why. But I can say that the first thing to get rid of fear and begin to act. The idea is that you became older and more experienced, and if you start to treat mistakes as life lessons, the problems do not.

So, you have experience life has given you some lessons, with all the subtleties and nuances, carefully, like a sapper in the minefield start working. Do not listen to anyone who will talk. In our country somehow decided that since you already screwed up once — then you’re a loser. But to retreat before difficulties, whatever they were — the rule of the loser. Again, mistakes and failures is a life experience. You have access, which means you will be much easier. Take a chance, because who does not risk, that at 5 in the morning sweeps the streets of the city.

And not cling to age. What is the age? It’s just numbers in the passport, the people who look to the future, are born and are changed daily. Any day can be the beginning of tremendous changes. Well not get you to become wealthy and successful in 30 years, will be released in 40. In the end, what you got to lose? Just going to smoke and dream. And so that may be what happens.

For example, the stairs in KFC, and take an interest, how old is Colonel Sanders began to convince people that his chicken is nutritious and delicious? In 40 years. Moreover, he only started to cook at the gas station, to the first million and a fast food chain around the world been around for 9 years. So what are you afraid of? 40, from cirrhosis of the liver will not be able to stay in the saddle bike? So watch yourself for your health. Here Arnie is already 69 years old, and he still rolls around and bumps into passers-by.Make a clear plan, study the market and the situation, communicate with the right people — do we need to teach? After all, you yourself know everything is fine, just force yourself. In a world of 7 billion people, 90% of them live life as meaningless as you. However, some of them just live and enjoy. 30 years — only in such a dark society like ours is considered old age, «cursed geyrope» this youth, the beginning of adult life. Remember the feeling of happiness that you have experienced, having achieved the first girl, when something won, what you have accomplished. You have achieved?

Try to remember a moment of Supreme joy. Now imagine Geneva house, offshore account, and bring them the joy of past victories. That is not very attractive? Then decided what you really want, maybe you just want to live in a rush, and to enjoy each and every day? Maybe this is your happiness? Then you need to go the other way. Baphomet says: «Be careful what you wish for».

We gave quite a lengthy tips, because you didn’t give us any specifics, and probably he did not know whether you need this house or not. Sort yourself out, and then everything will fall into place. As mentioned in the Scripture: «he who Has ears, and take of them of the bananas, who has eyes but will wipe them from the mud, it has a head, and wash her shit.»

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