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manygoodtips.com_9.06.2015_FfVsibo1OOGb8When you thought it was closer to 30 will be a solid guy who works in a large firm, the pillar of the family and feel so old now that the time for nonsense you will be left entirely. But the reality is not so rosy. Yes, you have changed and grown, but thinking about how grown up, you often come to the conclusion that it would not hurt to drink a bottle of beer and watch the show. We all change, but how? Your childhood and expectations were not always performed or are performed in time. As we got older, but not quite. And there are still many things we do not understand and do not fully understand, it is received in all situations. Some things we never grow up.

1. Tips

The work of the waiter – a terrible and ungrateful, and we have a lot of respect, as the work of car washers and other service staff. Do not argue, tipping is vital. But here begins the eternal puzzle, how much to give? Let’s say you ate emotionally, so that the button on the pants you need to alter and put 10% of the total amount, as they say, the toad smothers to give. That will give a little, and your face he will remember forever and the next time you come again to this tavern, juicy spit in your salad, having infected with Ebola and other nasty diseases. And give too much – so much pity to give. It seems to be so money to burn, and the person you’ve grown, and to thank the waiters for what they are obliged to do, and for what they pay, still have a great big problem.

2. What to do with the money

Are you a male guardian (at least potential) home piggy Bank with pigs. How to make money is your problem. What to do with her or the family budget – you decide… But you never know. What are mutual funds, bonds, how does this work?

You merely want to be confident in the future, but the question is, what is a good investment and where to invest to not lose money last, you have is severe itching in a certain place. And it seems to look all of these online business training and even sagely RBC, and still the damn thing is not clear.

Good people say that the best investment is charity, and all the material will come back to you good… But I never believed the priests.

3. Work

Earthly life passed before the half… No, not like that, and somehow very sad so, if this is only half of life. How about this: the earthly life passed before the quarters, I found myself in a dark forest, having lost the right way in the darkness of the valley. What is it? The fact that many eight times continued his path of life, changing goals, interests, landmarks. And therefore there is a major problem – what to become. Still a good half of people don’t know who to be when they grow up. Here you know? And I don’t know. When it seemed that 28, 29, 30 is so far away, and so there is still time to think! And to think-it turns out already once. You had a great excuse – you were promising. I’ve been promising. But every day she is getting faster and faster and evaporates. On the other hand, this is not surprising. Arriving at your first job, you were scared of a perfectionist for whom the most important was the amount of money that you give for the work. With the years there were other aspects, and worst of all, to meet all the needs of your aging life very, very difficult. Are you attracted to when journalism was not so magical. And writing articles is to do your homework. Now are you more attracted to the work of an ordinary clerk with a paid two-month vacation in some glassed-in office.

It is normal to look for yourself. Just to be choosy and to refuse to work is not necessary. Gritted his teeth and play. It is unlikely you will ever be among those 5% who love their job. It is unlikely that you will eventually become easier to get up every day at 6 am. But in our world, very bad.

4. Sport

We are not getting any younger. Sounds good when you are only 24, right? Nevertheless, the beauty of the sport begin to feel exactly the moment when you cease to see the gum from the pants under his stomach and shortness of breath after climbing to the third floor.

Maybe you not getting better after Jogging, you shamelessly start to hurt the joints, and the gym gives aching pain throughout the body. And start to think: and for you personally sports and really useful? After all, he doesn’t give you that energy boost that you expect from him. And when you look at those people who have time in the morning 2 hours to practice, and then the whole day they work hard, involuntarily you ask a simple mundane question: «So what the hell is that?» and begin to find motivation for further action.

5. How the world works

Over the years you can gain invaluable experience in the lap dimension, which, alas, useless. The desire to discuss «Ukrainians» and the local «commandante» with each passing day growing stronger and stronger and need less. In the end, drawn into the rhythm of life, watching the news, you can’t understand one thing: how can make such stupid laws and why your government keeps you out of RAM. As a child, when you imagined yourself driving a luxury car, furrowing the expanses of Europe, you never thought about borders, visas and such terrible things as gasoline prices. Yes, you still can’t understand how he managed to survive in this dashing difficult time.

6. Alcohol

The main way to relax for most would be (and for some has already become) fundamental absorption of alcohol in unlimited quantities, with or without company. But whatever you drink, whatever the experience was not collected, but booze will not unlearn. Yes, and don’t want to. In General, hangover is no big deal. It is necessary only to survive. And it’s not such a big cost per discharge for the entire week. Moreover, over time, health and experience themselves will tell you when to stop. The liver it is not state-owned.

7. All schedule

Still do not ever take into account. Sure to be a pain, annoying little thing, a small thing in the shopping list that you produce. So at the end of the month is not will always be money for food, and paid off on time the loan will become something of a myth.

Maybe with time you will begin to achieve the goals that you CAN achieve, not what you want. But no one knows when your perfectionism will evaporate.

8. Monsters in white coats

Be weeks and years, and the fear of doctors will live in you always. It would seem that terrible woman, with crushing teeth brown? Pain. It will hurt you and smash your teeth into dust. Anyway, the doctors maimed, then to take a double payment for spent health. How much would you not years, and the men in white coats will always make you distrust, and if you to them someday you will return, only when the prostatitis or malevolent hemorrhoids will make life unbearable. But then, closer to 30.

9. Family and life

While your classmates together and make families, you’re making yourself gastritis, apathy and enjoyment of life. You just don’t want to get married, you’re not ready for it. But who cares? Probably everyone except you. Don’t pay any attention to them. Start a family exactly when you’re ready. And yet you spend every weekend in the nearest bar – the family you don’t need.

10. Game forever

And finally I will tell… You will never stop playing computer games. Never. Why? This is for your parents virtual reality was the entertainment for youngsters. And for you, she’s… she’s… I think, companion. And what is really there, all play. You can’t just decide not to wait for the release of the new «Mortal Kombat» or «Fifa». Sometimes they will dilute pompous poker, fashion «Imaginarium» and other delights, but to save money on a new console – a Holy cause.

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