30 facts about the relationship which you knew, but did not think


Relationship is a delicate matter, and people mostly think that they are all so special and unique. Why are only these words: our relationship, our history, even, God forbid, our love. But Tolstoy was not a guy miss, and he once wrote: «All happy families are happy alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way». To argue with him personally, I do not undertake, and I see no reason to discuss an unhappy relationship. It is better to systematize the experience happy that it was all good.

1. Good relationships are those in which people take care of each other. The bad — those in which there is no balance. Partners should treat each other the same, with the same concern at different times and

for a variety of reasons.

2. Of course, on the first date don’t need to do anything unusual. Eat, drink, talk, walk around — sometimes there is simply no need to invent something new.

3. In a relationship the girl quickly integrates into your husband’s life, for men this process is much more complicated. Never seen anything else. She remembers the birthdays of all his friends, she

organizes a party and invites the guests in, it becomes a friend of all the girls his friends. It’s not even that women are nicer to integrate — it just turns them easier.

4. In most cases (there are hoo what an exception!) it is not necessary to have sex on a first date with someone you really like. Know. Angry.

5. The most interesting, enjoyable, tough and exciting sex you’ll have with the woman. Know. Boring.

6. Rapid test to resolve doubts in any relationship. Imagine that you have a girl in serious trouble, and you’re stuck. Test looks like this: you have to imagine that there is a red button that you can click to this relationship ended at one point. No explanation, no talking, recrimination and wailing of women. Just pressed and ready. If it were possible, you would have done? If so, then it came time to leave.

7. Moving in with girlfriend is a very dangerous step. Not in a hurry. And that’s an understatement.

8. To have a pet with a friend is a much more important step than to even buy an apartment.

9. You can have sex with any number of women that you want, but you always have to be careful with their heart, your heart, and of course, contraception.

10. Carelessness and mischief — that holds together. Passion sooner or later will wither, and this evil will always be fun. Give one another nicknames, teasing, make some trouble, break the rules. Couple that ugorayu together and over each other, always be together.

11. Not to be in a relationship is a precious gift. It’s an incredible feeling of freedom that will not stay with you for life. Use this time to enjoy themselves and their own society. It is not necessary at this time as the mad rush in search of relationship.

12. You’ll meet the girl only when he will cool good. If you always have safe mode, or, conversely, rush to every woman hoping to get with her it wouldn’t work.

13. What no one ever talks about the end of a relationship — so it’s a lot of things, which, unfortunately, will cease to exist for you after a breakup. You’ll lose some friends can no longer listen to certain albums and not want to go to some places. Associative thinking is a pain in the ass, and it poisons the breakup more than anything else.

14. You’re always going to fall in love with a woman the first thought is that she’s «not your type».

15. If a woman simulates an orgasm, the main reason is the guilt that she is actually his feels.

16. If a woman simulates an orgasm, after some time (a few years), she’ll stop.

17. A woman cannot experience orgasm every time.

18. The most frustrating part of relationships is when one gets drunk and the other sober and had to listen to the loud drunken conversations in the first half with some people (probably with friends).

19. The proximity is great. Eating scrambled eggs in his underwear right on the bed with a girl is cool. A thorough knowledge of every inch of someone else’s body is cool. Do not be afraid of intimacy, because it is really good.

20. However, proximity should not be over the edge. Don’t think silently to sit in front of the TV is a sign of intimacy. Or fart to each other and not apologize. You can’t take each other for granted — this is not intimacy, but a sign of decay.

21. It’s cool that women perceive us differently. We see in the female figure specific preferences: someone got lucky with a chest, someone with a butt and some legs. And for them we are just naked men.

22. Love can fade just for the simple reason that people have grown and changed.

23. Most of the small troubles can be worked out, conceding a beer and relax.

24. Men are much more visual creatures than women. So don’t send her a photo of his dick — she won’t like it, don’t even think. For her it’s like a photo of a Cabinet or sofa.

25. The sad words at parting — it’s no longer interesting.

26. The older you get, the easier you are parting. The first time you got dumped, you the most difficult. You will feel lost like a small child who will have to re-learn the basics of everything.

27. Relationships, by their nature, should be simple. They should not consist solely of screaming, tears and tantrums — it’s not fun and not cool. Relationships should bring joy.

28. Flirting is some kind of irrational garbage. If you still have your first texts, read for fun. They may seem to you absurd, irrational, illogical, senseless, all about the same, it’s not in fact — and generally you would be ashamed of myself. But this whole thing at first is extremely important.

29. Nothing compares with that moment when you first love someone. It is always a pain, but to avoid it will not work. You think you’ve seen and you know — and then — kaboom! — and here and there. It’s like suddenly experience hunger, jealousy or desire for the first time. In short, with nothing messed up.

30. If you have a good idea of his girlfriend in the role of a grandmother (which she had not painted your imagination with pies and pickles, on a bike with the seedlings in the trunk or tube and Tarot cards), be sure that it’s there. She herself is. Found.

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