30 drunken shenanigans that will make each one before he turns 30

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Before you turn 30, you’re not one to pass initialization. It’s kind of rituals of growing up, the essence of which largely depends on where you live, but often this set is still relatively universal.

For example, if you’re 29 and you still never kissed a girl, something to do. Even gay at this age have time to kiss some friend. In this case, you can kiss and stranger. Don’t tell me that somewhere I read this advice, just be cool and do it.

Initiation is an ancient rite by which a boy becomes a man. When it comes to alcohol, that’s another story. If you to 29 years peacefully drank and went to bed without incident, what’s wrong with you. Grab a pen and start planning the madness of such booze.

Here is a list of 30 drunken madness that makes every man, before he turns 30. Remember: if you haven’t done so, never too late to start. It’s not so difficult!

30. To vomit in a taxi or bus

Usually men control the consumption of alcohol, when some thumps or drink in the company of friends. However, when we roll the dice with their bro, the amount of alcohol consumed is unlimited. We compete to see who can drink the most, and as a result tequila back asking in completely inappropriate places. In the bus, for example. My advice: better drifts on the street and run as far as possible. Or offer to pay damages. This is a peasant act.

29. Steal a road sign

One of my bro house is three. This is a cool accessories for bachelor pad. It’s a trophy that you can keep for years to come. A better what? The police very rarely are investigating the theft of such details. Only under the influence of alcohol can be hung at the bed of such a monster.

28. Eat a few hamburgers at a time

You don’t have to pretend that you never did. They are inexpensive and are sold on every corner. And when something is cheap and prepared quickly, you can overeat this. I don’t mean that you have to master a dozen or at least get more than one. You can even arrange competitions with guys who more fit.

27. To walk home

How many people do you know, able to get drunk to such a degree that they are angered that the TV is not showing in 3D, and they’ll be pissed enough to go home walk home to the other end of the city? And I’ve seen it. When the man wants to go he will go with or without you. To walk home — a big deal on the way you can sit and reflect, eat — in cafe. You’d be surprised if he knew how many drunk dudes goes home at night walking in the rain.

26. To start a bar fight, which will end without you

Not every man climbs into a fight when she drinks. Like, we’re not animals, we have different strategies of behavior. However, there are nights when these things will magically happen: you’re in a bad mood and you decide to drink. And then you look for someone to show themselves. Then you realize that the whole bar joined in a fight and your dudes get you out of dough and take it from there. The deed is done.

25. To argue with the homeless

Homeless Cumacea. Everyone knows it. But when you’re drunk, the bum becomes your full-fledged interlocutor. When he’s drunk, he’s acting like a freaking know-it-all. So very often it happens that drunk people argue with the homeless in completely unpredictable topics. I know it’s stupid, but sometimes homeless people have something to talk about.

24. To make out with a stranger (mostly the opposite sex)

Now I’m not talking about those nights when you’re buying a girl drinks at the bar, I’m talking about completely random stuff. Usually this happens, including when you’re leaving the club. This is the moment when you walk by someone and something in your brain ticking and makes you just do it. It may depend on the amount of alcohol consumed and the degree of sobriety of the second person. In General, there is a chance that everything will go like that.

23. To lose a lot of money

Gambling is something that is learned the hard way. And so, alcohol can make you greedy, and you will begin to offer the dudes crazy bet of the game, doing strange sky-high rates. What could be worse? If everyone around you is drunk enough to support this venture.

22. Pour alcohol all around

When you begin to shed the booze, it is a sure sign that you’re drunk. When you don’t know how to keep the liquid inside the glass, it means you’re drunk wreck. More hangover starts with a spilled drink.

21. Like everything in contact

You can’t go to social networks when you’re drunk! There should be a special captcha for drunk. When I’m drunk I. all the news over the last twelve hours. And even can leave comments, not always pleasant. For example, in the pictures with chubby friends to write that they are fat. Then ashamed. Actually I’m normal.

20. To be naked in public

When you’re over thirty, you’re hardly going to be naked even in a drunken state. This condition is difficult to achieve. To drink, I don’t know, a bucket of liquor. In this state, the idea to strip naked and run down the street seems so beautiful that you have no idea why didn’t before.

19. To buy everyone drinks

If you plan to drink hard, leave at home all your Bank cards, in his pocket put cash only. After you drink enough, you’re going to treat everyone. Several times I myself had been in such a situation, and I warn you: securing your funds. You can order just about anything when you are drunk. Yes, plenty.

18. Imagine yourself Justin Timberlake

Do you know anyone who seriously goes to sing karaoke? Never. Only if the mother’s girlfriend. People go to karaoke to get drunk. And then to sing. The more alcohol, the better. And the songs Justin Timberlake seem to be suitable to you including: and stuff, and everyone knows, at least not in Russian.

17. To burn food and burn the sky

Very often, after returning from drinking, the guys start to prepare yourself the best dinner of all times and peoples. Or Breakfast, I don’t know. Usually to shove everything you can find in the fridge and all this is placed on the pan. And then safely forgotten. Not only that, the food is undercooked, it is still hot as Satan and burn the sky.

16. To have sex in public

For most dudes, sex is the work which is done without witnesses. What I mean by saying «in public»? Well, in the car, for example. In the nightclub toilet. Let’s just say, not at home.

15. Show ass adults

Adult, but not old! If you show up to the women when you’re drunk, you’re 12. Show ass — and so very childish, but when you drink it you feel a funny trick. I understand if you get drunk and show your ass adults. Like a riot. Or drunken eccentricities.

14. To cut right on the street

When you get drunk, you’ve already failed yourself. Usually it all ends in a real disaster, sort of passed out. When you black out from alcohol, the first thing you do is you go to sleep. Unexpectedly. As soon as go out. And you cannot budge, you’re sleeping soundly you sleep, and even povliyaet on the outskirts. Good luck, if it happened, and remember: it happened with each.

13. To tell the truth (all)

The filter that you usually use, turns off when you’re drunk. All the secrets about your ex and your dudes are revealed at times to the first comer. Why? Because you have nothing else to do, and your brain is half asleep.

12. Break into a zoo

You couldn’t find worse ideas. This is a dumb idea, it’s terrible, you couldn’t think of anything more idiotic. But you want to see the monkey, and the only place where this is possible and a zoo.

11. Eat off the floor

Sober you wouldn’t have thrown, and now — at the time. You do this because the part of the brain that is responsible for the adequacy, went on vacation, and left the other one that don’t mind. Besides, you’re drunk and hungry. Well, what else?

10. Indecent spaserovat monument

In any city of our country has enough monuments, in most cases, it’s Lenin. What does he lack? Human attention! This, of course, it’s funny, your brain gushes brilliant ideas. And so Twitter and instagram are filled with photos of you sitting on the lap of a man with a Bayan about the Philharmonic.

9. Stick to the random person next to you

Well, here is not to spaserovat. Here really stick. And this man can be sober, who suspect nothing. And here you are with your nonsense.

8. To deal with the police

And you, of course, arrested. Not everyone is able to cope with intoxication. You will find that when you got drunk, arrested, and this is serious. This is a very valuable lesson about how and where to drink. These dudes must you spoil everything.

7. Everything to lose

Losing the phone drunk is a classic. But to lose a phone, keys, purse and belt? It’s an epic night of drinking. It happens.

6. To urinate publicly

Yes, sir, this happens too often. Under my Windows every night. I live on the second floor and constantly hear how piss drunk Gopnik. For the sake of justice I will note that in the case of drunk and location on the street doing exactly the same.

5. To take a picture of your junk

And then send them to friends, girlfriends. Not very idea, to be honest with you. Of course, this seems interesting to anyone who had too much, like you mention to a friend something, but judge for yourself (when you’re drunk and suddenly thought of this text). If you were willing, you would come without such photos. I understand that before such actions rarely think, but you try.

4. To bring home a troglodyte

When you drank too much, you don’t understand and don’t mind to get laid. The more you drink, the less you are satisfied. And when the night is over, you’re in potential danger. What? Talk in the bar with a terrible lady and bring her home. Then you will write everything on alcohol, but friends will long for you to remember. If you this has not happened, it is better to avoid this in the future.

3. To find himself naked who knows where

Why the drunk love to be naked. The nature of this action is not clear to me. For some unknown reason we enjoy the process, especially with drunken eyes. I already wrote about this boost a little higher. One of my bro woke up one morning in an unknown location with no clothes on. The owner of the house realized what was happening, and brought him some clothes and gave her money for the fare. But not all such stories end so well. I don’t know how you can get drunk to such a state.

2. To cry

You read that right. To cry. Men cry. We not as emotional as women, but when we drink, we become sentimental and sensitive. And flowed tears and you can’t stop them. Most dudes never admit it, but they probably at least once in my life cried drunk.

1. To recruit his former

Everyone will do it until he was 30. And not even once. It is easy, when you’ve been drinking. We have to phone lots of rooms of different friends, but why choose the former. If you still have not happened, amuse itself illusion. Will happen.