30 Days Challenge: 30 ideas for the daily challenge to myself

manygoodtips.com_25.11.2014_n4Avx8oz9Z1V7Dude, remember how on the eve of the New year you have once again promised myself to change life, to start with a clean slate? But you turned not there, or rather, never turned, didn’t bother with unnecessary movements. The result is not much different from the beginning. Do not worry, after five days will begin Dec. The first of December. Monday. You have 31 days to catch up on the accelerated and advanced program. Complete missions from this list and can proudly say that this year was better, when you draw the final report for 2014.

1. Use words that encourage happiness

Once we decided to invest in such a short time like a month, for a start, forget about words, from which a kilometer breathes hopelessness and despair. If you once again ask: «How are you doing?» – deviations from the thumb of the story and cross out answers like «Fine», «as usual», «Nothing new», «the Prosecutor of the Case, and I have works.» Be careful not to seem enthusiastic fool, telling that the situation of your Affairs just fine, gorgeous, Grand, fabulous, etc.

Don’t be afraid of bright epithets and characteristics, because you have, in fact, there is no reason not to be happy. Not necessarily feel that way as you describe, but saying that, he did not notice how your lips stretch into a smile, calling an answering smile from the companion. A trifle, but nice. This month your vocabulary should be teeming with words used by happy people.

2. Try something new every day

Freedom of choice is the main spice of life. Something you could see and do a million times, but you always have the opportunity to discover something new. As a result, this primary experience of a lifetime leaves a huge reflective marks in our minds. Try something new every day: this can be quite unfamiliar for you activity or just a little experience, like speaking with a stranger. Be sure that many of these experiences will open doors to a world of amazing changes and opportunities.

3. Perform one selfless act daily

When have a positive impact on the lives of others, himself be much more useful. Help where can help, and you will be surprised that strange feeling in your chest is kerevat your selfishness. Your options are endless, as a choice: feed the homeless, help the mother to make repairs or to paint the floor, throw ten bucks on Kickstarter, if you are «caught» the project of some brainy inventor. Do not be indifferent and do not pass go.

4. Learn a new skill and practice it every day

Independence is an important key to a rich and fulfilling life. This also requires you have basic skills and skills. Be a universal soldier, a handyman, don’t forget to train your brain, developing your potential, learning something new every day.

5. Teach someone something new every day

Even so, worthless, like you, have their own strengths that can help those around you. It’s just that these poor souls have not yet realized his own happiness. You’re inclined to take their talents for granted and do not consider it necessary to share with others because consciously or not, but underestimate their self-esteem.

So it will not work. Make a list of what you good and try to bring enlightenment to the masses: to get the language to nose, talking through a burp the alphabet, make a delicious pizza at home recipe, to explain string theory or proper technique in the deadlift. Over the next 30 days dedicate a little time every day to share with someone their talents and knowledge.

6. Give an hour a day on your Hobbies

Strum the guitar, take pictures, ride a Bicycle, clean the aquarium, grow sideburns. And don’t even think about the fact that you don’t have time for this!

7. Don’t answer rudeness with rudeness

Stay emotionally neutral, even to those who is unpleasant to you – a sign of sufficient maturity and not cowardice. Needless to say, to act according to circumstances and not let anyone humiliate their dignity. Just try in these thirty days to avoid or minimize contact with unpleasant people in your life. Like attracts like, and if you radiate friendliness and good humor, these vile ghouls, spoil your mood, will run away from you, like the devil from Holy water.

8. Concentrate on the positive things

The real winners in life cultivate optimism in yourself and positive thinking. Such people perceive the world as a place full of incredible opportunities and possibilities, especially in hard times. This month enjoy a spoonful of honey, which dilutes the tar, and add clean water to your now half-full glass.

9. Analyze and draw lessons from every bad situation

A continuous zigzag of success and failure is an integral part of the life cycle of each person. Importantly, do not forget to draw conclusions and extract lessons when things go downhill. In the next 30 days you must keep a written register of its twists and turns of life and what they taught you.

10. Be attentive to detail

Our existence is a vivid kaleidoscope of ordinary and extraordinary moments. Events like the pieces of the puzzle turn into a colorful picture: think of each small step or global decision led you to where you are right now has made you who you are now. How much life in your days? Do not waste time on doubt or reflection. Do. You decide. Choose. Here and now is the only moment that you can do that you are guaranteed to have. So stop feeling sorry for myself in the past and worry about the future: these 30 days, live in the present.

11. Get rid of one thing a day for one month

Look, you got a lot of clutter on the desktop in the office, in the car, at home, and you’re so accustomed to it that did not notice how much this domestic chaos influence on you.

Don’t think about global General cleaning – these thoughts will mess you up instantly. But you have the strength to throw away some unnecessary stuff? But: one thing every day. Maybe hard for you to overcome your inner hoarder, but pretty soon, you’ll see that getting rid of stuff to some degree rake debris out of your mind.

12. Create something entirely new

In contrast to the above points, following which you have to do what you can do, there must be some degree of courage to start something that you definitely have no inclination. Take a brush and paint, try to write a poem, cook a soup, an old sock yarn, sing soul bad voice: «The Phantom of The Opera Is there – inside my mind!» Finally, take the tools and scour our section «Lifefucker». Sure you’ll find something useful or interesting.

13. No lie

30 days without cheating. Cool as you want.

14. Go to sleep and Wake up at the same time

Don’t miss the chance to accustom your body to the correct regime and a healthy lifestyle.

15. Give up bad habits

Dude, only for a month. Fast food, Smoking, video games – everyone has their own demon-tempter. To hell with it!

16. Watching TV or similar liquefaction of the brain of the computer cut back to 30 minutes a day

Have fun with your experiment. Revive weary soul, and Wake the inquiring mind. It is time of interaction with the world: learn to re-appreciate nature, as in early childhood, to notice simple pleasures and just watch as life unfolds before you in all its multi-faceted and unfathomable splendor.

17. Identify one long term goal and work on it for hours every day

Break your plans into small pieces and concentrate on performing each of them. The first steps are indeed very heavy, but any great journey begins with them. Every day, waste hours of their time working on what always wanted to do. This is the story of how a small dream can become a reality.

18. Every day I read at least one Chapter of a good book

We regularly publish lists of suitable books from classics to the specialized literature. Just find what you like, and actions.

19. Every morning, watch or read something that inspires you

Sometimes all you need is a motivational article or a PEP talk, a great movie or favorite song. Each of the sources from which to draw energy and enthusiasm.

20. After dinner do something that makes you laugh

Read comics, watch YouTube videos, check their memories. Laughter, even insincere, stimulates the mind, lifts the mood, and the best time is the middle of the day.

21. No alcohol or cigarettes 30 days

Of course, if you’re not a heavy smoker or an alcoholic with 20 years of experience, in this case abruptly «jump» is not recommended. Here you need expert help. If not, then you are kind of a month to stuff your body with only healthy food and fresh air.

22. A small half-hour exercise every day

It can be exercise or training shortly before bedtime. Can you justify the fact that you have no time to visit the hall, but half an hour a day can always be found.

23. Look your fears in the face

If you are afraid of water – it’s time to learn to swim, or to subscribe to any public performance, if you have legs tremble just thinking about a similar experiment. Spend just an hour to look your fears in the face and try to negotiate with them.

24. A new dish for a new recipe every day

Do you think that you have no culinary talent? Dude, well we do not wonder every week we post the recipes in our section devoted to the severe male food! There you will find how quick and tasty to fill your belly and to successfully cope with this task.

25. 10 minutes thinking about what good happened during the day

Bedtime sums up, concentrating only on the good: praise yourself even for minor things and small successes. This method of relaxation definitely helps personal growth.

26. Talk to those who usually do not speak or do so little

People are interesting creatures, and no two are exactly the same. Interactions with different characters will open your mind to exciting ideas and perspectives. So, for the next 30 days daily start the dialogue or who never said or with those who talked but a few.

27. Try to repay your debts and not incur new

Don’t buy things you don’t need. Plan your dead budget, calculate your savings and clearly stick to the plan.

28. Let go of relationships that cause you a lot of unpleasant emotions

To hold on and fight for those relationships that bring joy, happiness, inspiration or motivation, a sense of integrity and completeness. If you know of people who no side does not belong to this list, may not occupy a space, and free up space for new positive relationships.

29. To officially forgive someone who deserves another chance

Sometimes good relationships end abruptly because of a big ego and conclusions based on emotional and impulsive judgments. If in your life there is someone that truly deserves another chance, give it.

30. Try to photograph/record the execution of each paragraph

And last for 30 days bring a camera with me wherever I go. You can capture photos or record all the records. Sums up every day in any convenient for you way.