30 business tips from Chinese billionaire Jack MA

manygoodtips.com_19.01.2015_z5Zwya9jXI2iKHave you ever felt confused after you have assessed your professional progress or financial state? Moreover, we are more than confident that you were comparing yourself with dozens of acquaintances, peers who have achieved stability and, perhaps, already have their own business or good job. No time to count other people’s money and feeling sorry for yourself, man! Especially not in times of crisis. Pull yourself together and listen to tips from Chinese billionaire Jack MA – he has something to tell you.

MA is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur who launched his first startup, despite criticism and financial difficulties. He is the Creator and owner of the most expensive Internet company Asia – Alibaba, ahead of the turnover of Amazon and eBay combined. Jack MA, the man from a not very wealthy family, thanks to their hard work and stubbornness has been named the Financial Times person of the year 2013, and he became a living symbol of the Chinese enterprise. We think that the advice of the businessman should not be neglected.

1. Look for opportunities

MA believes that many people in the way of achieving success is elementary and simple in its essence, the thing – shortsightedness. Look at the professional and financial scope of their activities through a wide lens, a magnifying glass and examining every opportunity to ponder every option. Figuratively speaking, you need to bend over to dig under every rock, in every corner potential.

2. Use opportunities

If you see the future, but I think that you have little chance of that now is not the time or the place that you need to wait for better circumstances, better close this article. If you covered only a healthy doubt, but not fear, then by all means heart and grab hold of this prospect. The contributions of all himself, to solve the task. This path is no place for half measures.

3. Seek understanding

Work to understand what is your current status and position to which you aspire. What are you working for? At what, exactly? Why? How do you see the end result and what you will do in the near future?

4. Act quickly

If one idea failed, and you’re not giving up, don’t start feeling sorry for myself and to sprinkle ashes on his head. You need a backup if you have not been thought through in advance. And immediately! No one can afford to knock yourself out of the saddle for a long time. Act fast, perhaps even intuitively, and the question to solve will be in the order of their receipt.

5. Toss is independent of your circumstances

No matter how much money you have in your pocket, where you grew up, what you have education, you can achieve success in any chosen field of activity. The power of the spirit, fortitude and endurance so much more than the status with which you start.

6. Cultivate ambition

Focus on your goal, achieve it and never let go. A landmark in a stormy sea, will be your ambition.

7. Be of good courage

When MA launched the «Alibaba Group», he appealed for help to potential patrons, do not hesitate to request start of financial investments. There is a time for courage that opens the door for a time of ambition and pride in their successes.

8. Risk in youth

If you do not have a fortune to 35, says MA, is unlikely ever to be rich. With age, loses what is inherent in the young. And it is not about physical changes, and soul. They put in a favorite cause all of his energy and imagination, driven by the irresistible desire for wealth exorbitant ambition and ambition.

9. Unite teams to achieve a common goal

You will never succeed in the business, treating every member of their team as a separate unit. MA estimates that 30% of people will always disagree with you. Splati them around the idea of calling or mission to use the power of team spirit.

10. Have a partner or Vice

You will not be able to do by yourself. Need people you can trust and whose responsibility can rely on.

11. Look for those who are better than you

If the boss has better technical skills than the staff, then he hired the wrong people. Workers should always be technical experts of a high level, know their job and be able to accurately perform it. Find these people and let them do their job.

12. Strength of character

There are skills necessary to successful management of any company and in any endeavor: vision, perseverance and endurance. A leader must be a visionary, able to experience the problem before they come, and when others do not notice such gloomy prospects. The leader must be tenacious, it needs to be able to make tough decisions and take responsibility for them.

13. Perseverance

The best times will come. The problems can be everywhere, even at the start. Especially at the start. But keep your dreams and aspirations firmly in mind, cling to these images as the light, caught in the storm. Your actions will inspire others to do the same.

14. Orientation is more important than

Let’s say you offer a deal that will bring a profit, but which is fundamentally opposed to your idea and design. You will agree, knowing that betray your entire life? MA says that this cannot be done, what the possibilities will be even, and your face will you see in the mirror every day. Successful leaders remain calm and confident in its mission and focus on the vision and desired result.

15. Turn to the experts

The most successful leaders are not always the most intelligent or the most skilled, however look at their interview. However, they surround themselves with extremely capable experts in any disputable situation, guided by their opinion. Now, at this stage of the undertaking, do not hesitate to ask for advice from those who have already been through the launch of the business. Find out what are the pitfalls and the main obstacles you can expect and how it is possible to minimize losses.

16. Money and political power can not exist together

Money and political power are mutually exclusive categories. Money – is a powder keg, politics – the protracted game. If you are interested in these two areas, you’ll have to act sequentially rather than simultaneously.

17. The meaning of the word «Sustainability»

You realize that in fact the word means only after you go through difficulties. An intellectual understanding means nothing. The ability to be sustainable does not mean anything. Just sipping a huge shit bucket and overcoming difficulties, you will understand that persistence and perseverance really is.

18. Your goal is to be more diligent, hardworking and ambitious than others

There is a simple formula for success, which consciously or not, uses every successful entrepreneur. Be diligent, hardworking and never lose sight of their ambitions. Regardless of your undertakings, these principles are valid for any sphere of activity.

19. Healthy competition

If you consider their competitors as enemies, then you will be considered an enemy. And you did not notice yourself surrounded by them.

20. Don’t underestimate a competitor

Treat your competitors with respect. All have an equal chance of success when the fight begins.

21. Look for their equals in spirit

Every big business started small. Your business started small. All deserve a place at the table. Choose competitors can equal you as supporters, equal to you in spirit, and act accordingly.

22. Winners don’t whine

In stressful situations, laced with a bad mood, even the best of us begin to lament the fate, angry over nothing and expressing their unaddressed grievances. These a moment of weakness, you can forgive the person. But the regular nagging and chronic depression are the main signs of a loser. All beginnings bring with them difficulties and problems. And how you deal with them will define success of your business. Winners don’t whine and don’t whine!

23. Prioritize

As the leader, you only have a certain amount of time and energy. With knowledge of the stethoscope between those who are important to your business. Customers first, employees in another. In third place – the shareholders. The shareholders receive the attention and resources only after the first two groups will be satisfied. Many business owners spend all their efforts to «please» it is shareholders, but this path is unsustainable, short-sighted and risky.

24. Forget about the money

Yes, we are not crazy, and Chinese billionaire too. He says that it is not necessary to start a business, dreaming only about money. You chose this path to create a specific lifestyle or to meet the needs of your soul and mind. If you focus only on money, you’ll make different decisions than if you’re focused on the whole journey. Walk on the path that started from the bottom, carefully and ambitions, and the money will come, but it is not an end in itself.

25. Create your own team

It may not be super-professionals, about which we wrote above, but it should be people who you trust. Colorful summary does not always mean that a particular person will develop and grow with your company. Give a chance to those people to which you belong to the soul. You will be able to teach them all.

26. «Free» is a very expensive word

When you give something «free», distribute profits, resources and manpower expended in the process of development, implementation and control, and, possibly, intellectual property in the form of great ideas. Think carefully before launching such an action. In this world there is little that is really free.

27. A smart man thinks with his head

The words that come out of someone else’s mouth don’t make sense. Use your intellect. Make decisions based on our own and reasonable point of view.

28. A wise man listens to his heart

Similarly, trust your gut instinct. Particularly on the issue of recruitment and the definition of strategic objectives.

29. We are born to enjoy life, not waste it on work

The meaning of life is not to just work, work, work, bury our bodies and our minds until we die. The emphasis should be placed on satisfaction not only from their work, but also from travelers. If you work your whole life, oblivious to the fact that everyone needs to relax, and maybe do crazy things, you’re definitely going to regret this.

30. Failure is the biggest failure

You never know what you will be able to achieve or achieve unless you try. You never know whether your idea to work for you now and in the future, if it will remain only an idea. Change your ideas, change your strategy if necessary, but never give up!

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