3 ways to look at coke new

What do we know about coke, except that it is the product of a brutal capitalism and ruin health of hundreds of thousands of conceived children? Perhaps only that it great to mix with rum and whiskey, but still good to add some ice into the glass. But we read not only the alcoholics, we must also not good to do. So we decided to select three non-alcoholic cocktail that will help cool the brain and keep sane.

1. Ice cream cola

Work.com.ua_21.07.2016_KxqDoPOZqPkzxPrepare this cocktail friend — she will be happy. And myself do not forget it, because the taste really is excellent. Only find delicious ice cream for this cocktail. Tasteless can spoil everything — that is true.


— 120 ml of Coca-Cola;

— 80 grams of strawberry ice cream;

— 80 grams of vanilla ice cream;

— whipped cream;

chocolate topping;

— maraschino cherry.


1. Take a tall glass and put two scoops of ice cream (strawberry and vanilla);

2. Pour the ice cream Coca-Cola;

3. Decorate with whipped cream, chocolate topping and a cherry.

2. Roy Rogers

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2016_7KxSRpaBA1l8HThis drink is named after a famous Hollywood actor, who starred in cowboy films in the mid-twentieth century. At the time, he was one of the most popular representatives of this genre. It is strange that his personality was embodied in non-alcoholic beverage.


— 150 ml of Coca-Cola;

— 50 ml grenadine;

— maraschino cherry;

and lots of ice.


1. The first thing is cooled a glass and fill it with ice up to half;

2. Pour into a glass first syrup, and after Coca-Cola. Stir;

3. Do not forget to decorate with cherries to cocktail was more refined to drink.

Tip: you can add the juice of the lemon zest (a few drops).

3. Carob-Cola

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2016_keh5Dp6GPYDzwThis recipe originated in the bowels of our office, or to be more precise, with the filing of Theodore Gray. The syrup people use for health purposes. He gives a cruel sweetness, but only in its purest form. If you mix it with coke, you get the nectar of the Aztec gods.


— 1 glass of Cola;

— tablespoon of syrup from the carob tree (carob is sold in many supermarkets);

and lots of ice.


1. Without ice we can not do, therefore, fill, batters, massive glass;

2. Pour all the coke and add one tablespoon of this luscious syrup. No tea, no two table, namely, one tablespoon;

3. Enjoying a drink.

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