3 variations of the popular celebratory drink

Again, vodka and champagne? Whether it is tradition, after all. But I would like to diversify the flavor palette, but because manygoodtips.com decided to give remember that he prepares during the holidays.Overseas cocktail traditions get along well on Russian soil, on Russian snow. And if you’re sure about that weak, then we’re not going to convince. Just look at these recipes, take a nice drink and treat yourself and your friend into some cold new year’s night. Tasty, pleasant, warm – that should do drinks this winter.

Classic eggnog

Drink in of God (it is served at Christmas) traditional. States, Canada, Europe, South America – all of them yelling at egg leg. People simply love to enjoy the taste of the sweet drink, which contains enough energy for the new year and drinking some alcohol. A great choice for a relatively sober evening, for example, if I want to drink, and work tomorrow. After all, eggnog is not about booze, but about the sweetness and taste. This recipe make 10(!) servings.


– 4 cups of milk;

4 cups fat-outgassing cream;

– 12 egg yolks;

– 1.5 cups of sugar;

2.5 Cup light or Golden rum;

– Cloves (5-7 pieces);

– Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract;

– Half teaspoon of nutmeg;

– 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon.


Everything is prepared simply, but relatively long. So it is best to harvest the eggnog in advance.

1. Take a large pot. Mix in her milk, clove, vanilla, and cinnamon. Slowly bring to a boil on low (only way!) fire.

2. In another pan mix the egg yolks and sugar. Not even mixed and well agitated, as is customary in the preparation of cakes. Pour into the mixture the hot milk-vanilla base. Cook again, but now on medium heat, and be sure to stir regularly. Most importantly do not let the mixture boil but should cook until thick (about 4-5 minutes).

3. Cooled our delicious brew.

4. Add the rum, cream, nutmeg. Can add some vanilla essence if you don’t feel the smell. Put in the fridge for 5-6 hours.

5. Pour in high glasses, watch home Alone movie, wrapped the skin of a moose, and sipping our eggnog.

Drunk eggnog

More alcoholic and more bartenders version of the drink. If you don’t like the coziness and warmth, and you want something stronger, then this cocktail is for you. Let’s not paint the ingredients for 10 servings, after preparing this stuff in a shaker, and I think I can calculate the ingredients for 4-5 people, you will not be difficult. In General, look.


– 50 ml brandy;

– 60 ml of milk;

– 10ml sugar syrup;

– 1 yolk;

– ice;

– grated nutmeg.


Even easier than the previous recipe. Besides, you can drink immediately. But you need a shaker, dude.

1. Add to the shaker ice, to cool it down.

2. Throw away the ice and add new ice.

3. Pour brandy, milk, sugar syrup and toss the yolk.

4. Persistently shaken. Do not hurry up, dude!

5. Pour into a glass and sprinkle the top with nutmeg.

Council. The proportions, as always, can be varied to taste. If you want your milkshake was thick, add more yolks. Brandy don’t be stingy, because, as you know, a bad alcohol – a bad cocktail.

Cheerful eggnog

Another variation. This time for those who always falls asleep at the Banquet table or at work. To cook it, as it usual, not difficult, and taste due to the coffee is very original. Let’s make it with you 6 servings – this would be acceptable.


– 8 egg yolks an egg (or normal).

– 8 protein an egg (Yes, they also come in handy).

– 250 grams of sugar.

– 250 ml coffee (espresso, harsh and strong).

– 250 ml Bourbon or whiskey (Scotch take, we traditionally do).

– 220 ml cream.

– Whipped cream (although it is possible and without them).

– Grated (ground) nutmeg.


1. Thoroughly beat the egg yolks and sugar. Stir.

2. Put the mixture into the pan and put it on small fire. We cook quite a bit and remove from heat.

3. Mix up the mixture of coffee and whiskey. Next are cream. Stir it.

4. Whisk the whites and add to our drink.

5. Our vigorous pour eggnog into cups and decorate, if desired, whipped cream. Also don’t forget about the nutmeg, because a classic.

Council. If the first time turned out too sweet, you can reduce the proportion of sugar. But the share of the whiskey seemed to increase not worth it. But all on your taste!

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