3 tools for proper barbecue

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_KEwZczY45BzUbAgain come spring, you take off your warm winter jacket, put on another spring down jacket with a thinner lining and go to barbecue. Obviously, you want to make it right and tasty.

To do this, first, buy good meat. And secondly, pick a competent gear for torture juicy steaks. Let’s consider the options.

Big Green Egg

What is the big green egg? This secret development of us intelligence. In fact, to us the «egg» fall right out of the Pin. not under lend-lease, and for big money. According to rumors, they are made of tiles that stone shuttles. Whatever it was, and the food of the eggs are incredibly delicious. It fries, it soars, it smokes and pisses aromas of your neighbors. But the main advantage is the speed of cooking. Kindled, threw a piece of animal flesh, turned a couple of times. Eat!

There is no need to wait until the coals burn out. 250 degrees for 20 minutes – please! All thanks to a convenient temperature regulation system. Don’t wait till it all burned up and hell’s flames calm down. They will not touch your wonderful meat and will not leave it burnt the stigmata. In all directions soot does not fly, therefore the products are fragrant, but clean. And most importantly, the risk to burn, to dry your barbecue is minimized. If you are, of course, do not miss the moment.

For those who doubt on the lid there is a thermometer in Fahrenheit for the Americans, and in Celsius for the people.

And included are a variety of jewelry-perdelki like tongs that you lift the meat, gratings and other equipment.



However, in order for the egg to work, you need fuel. Of course, better suited to the branches of fruit trees, but do not always have the opportunity to stock up on environmentally friendly sticks, and it is a pity to cut down the tree that bears fruit, such as formic uterus. So here comes the coal. It would be nice to give it heat, such as Metallica concerts. Take any made the coal. This, of course, is more expensive, but better.

Looft Lighter


Many wonder how to ignite an infernal glow? Many use a variety of tools for fire ignition on the basis of kerosene, paraffin and diesel. Some even believe that well-done meat should carry the scents of gasoline and have a strong taste of petroleum. This is not so. Moreover, it is harmful.

So a Swedish fan of the grill, part-time theater Director, Richard Luft came up with such a simple thing. He is also tired of the smell and taste. And as Scandinavia’s forest is cut down only on holidays, the coal had to ignite. As a modest man, the thing he named after himself – Looft Lighter.

In fact, this industrial dryer recalls not the gun of a space marine, not a Jedi sword. A few minutes – and it burns with a blue flame. The rain lay, the wind blow – it will still burn.