3 the worst insults

Stop.com.ua_21.11.2014_scgQzMYb4nXIgEveryone has those moments when your actions do not meet the expectations of potential future wife, part-time is your girlfriend. And when in the process of «calculating, cold-blooded and absolutely impartial discussion,» she throws you one of the following image, you have no choice but to make mom happy by the unexpected arrival of his daughter. Well, thank you for «constructive criticism«to accept the charges to buy a leather whip and resort to self-flagellation to ease her work. Only in this case do not forget at the same time to detach their eggs and carefully put in the box next to the permission to call himself a man and my dignity.

1. Rag/schmuck

Some girls often get third-degree burns, scalding her thighs with boiling water, only one kind of «Ideal male» image nivruttinath haired man, rides a Harley and is engaged between the scuffle in the bar and applying the tattoo only short serving time for scuffle in the bar, which, of course, not to mention another tattoo and a trip to the bar. For a girl of any reasonable, normal guy will not look better polovinoi rags, which need only to with the whole peculiar to women cruelty to trample on it. But in order to start look in her eyes man, you’ll have to radically change their behavior, interests, style, manner of communication, views on the world…

The choice, of course, for you, to listen to the girl you need (as it is to you), but to become a completely different person just because she wanted to – do a lot of rags. If she doesn’t see you as a guy, and your multifaceted inner world and subtle mental device mean nothing to her, pack your belongings, the will and the balls and go, if you really are not a pushover.

2. A coward

If a girl calls you a coward, in 90% of cases she doesn’t and is just trying to provoke the desired action, pressing the heel of your manhood and pride, that, in fact, almost always works. But if the offense arrives at your face in the heat of a fierce showdown, things are bad. And there are two options: either you really screwed up by not putting in place high-handed bastard, subtly hinted at her fat legs, or simply do not meet its high requirements and ideas about the «Perfect male.»

3. Loser

This is probably the worst thing that can hear the man in his address. Especially if your age is rapidly approaching to the middle and your Bentley under the window. As the recognition of, and confidence in the future, and a Bank account, ideally the amount which you wouldn’t even be able to remember and pronounce. When a woman calls you a loser, she does it quite consciously and deliberately. Trying to inflict maximum damage, she ruthlessly kills the last nail in the coffin of your self-confidence and respect for yourself. She understands that for any man these words are like red-hot pokers in the ass, which she slowly, enjoying the moment, doing. And live with a girl can only pervert or a proctologist self-taught, which, in principle, one and the same.

If you don’t inspire such statements and you don’t consider yourself a wuss, a coward and a loser, your life is likely to change in a diametrically opposite direction from a friend, generous with such images.

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