3 the best country to study abroad

Studying abroad is a dream of many, which is not surprising. This opens up new acquaintances, opportunities, and perspectives that are not in their home country. Of course, in this matter a lot of nuances, and many of us may disagree, but take a look at the truth — learning in Russia is not the best. Basically pull the country in this respect, the people themselves, due to its mozgovitsa, peculiarities of mentality and other things. And if you have brains, why not give them a good work in another country where it will be valued much higher? We chose three great countries, in which education is valued around the world, and which will not leave you indifferent.

1. Spain

Spain is a wonderful country. First and foremost thanks to the people who live there, and their mentality. It differs from the Russian and mentality of other countries. One of our friends brought some interesting facts about Spain.

Spain emotional: if in Germany in a bus or train comes to a group of students or simply acquaintances, they will behave very cautiously and will not cease to breathe not to disturb others, then in Spain in public transport will start just extravaganza merry cries, gestures, and expressive discussions. The people themselves are not hurried — the cost of living is measured.

Spain rich: the holidays are here, preparing as much food as in Russia you will never see, the tables would groan evident. And you’ll be forced to try them all.

The tolerant Spain: a lot was happening — regardless of where you are and how you look, you’ll be treated as equals and not record in the category of outsiders.

And, of course, Spaniards know a lot about pleasure. Fireworks here start a few weeks before the holidays, various events and festivals are held all year, and here you can easily find yourself friends who will never abandon fun. And the circle of your acquaintances can be very wide — at age no one is watching. What else is needed for happiness? If you already collect suitcases, then first learn the language and forwards the Spanish universities.

The process of admission or transfer to Spanish universities is quite difficult, and few people manage to do it yourself. Therefore it is better to contact the guys from Language4you, which gave thousands of students in public universities and private. They know all the details of the procedure and dozens of loopholes that allow you quickly and without unnecessary inconveniences will be in the lecture halls and begin to gnaw granite science.Spanish education is considered very prestigious. No bribes and absenteeism — with the uni you will be a true specialist, which will be in demand not only in Spain but in the EU in General. And if you want to return to mother Russia, you will help to standardize the Spanish diploma. But we would not advise you to hurry home so quickly — you can continue training in a magistracy, which costs mere pennies. And if you do then a doctorate, then you would expect a lot of travel, study and good fellowship. All stages will take several years and, therefore, will be close to getting the citizenship. However, nothing prevents you to have there privacy and here you have an educated, full-fledged and popular citizen of the European Union.

2. USA

To move to live, study and work in USA is the dream of many. In General, nobody in his right mind such a desire does not condemn. A whole new world, thousands of possibilities and the best universities in the world. Actually, if you think globally, educated in the US, you will really be able to benefit both themselves and the world in General. Read the news of science and technology — most innovations and breakthroughs in all fields occur at such universities as Harvard, MIT, Stanford and many others.

Regardless of whether you have average or higher education, you can join one of many universities in the United States. This requires very serious preparation, but trust me, it’s worth it and will pay for itself in the future. To help with the receipt will help you in the global Dialogue. You first need to undergo a preparatory program in pre-University training centre or at one of the many universities. The first option is suitable for those who wants to apply for admission to several universities. In the case of the second, with due diligence and success, he can become a guarantee of admission to the University, providing training.All training programs consist of three large blocks: preparing students in the disciplines necessary for successful passing of entrance tests, SAT, advanced study of English and a course on «adaptation». For universities it is very important that the student be accustomed to the new environment, adapt to life in the United States, formed skills of self-control and discipline and learned how to use the benefits offered by the University like library, technical means and computers.

As example, program, Shorelight Education, the international center, which helps students to get into US universities. Educational programs are conducted on the basis of the 10 most famous universities. For example, Auburn campuses which once trampled Tim cook and Jimmy Wales. Or the Adelphi, where you will make a professional designer or artist. Or the University of Kansas, which is in the top 100 best universities in «engineering» and «business.»

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is the one country where they filmed «Lord of the rings»! For this fact alone is worth visiting, because the nature there is as beautiful as in the movie. Many may notice that in some places it even looks cinematic. Fjords, lakes, forests, beaches — it’s all there and looks amazing. This was also the reason for the development there of extreme tourism — it is, in fact, in the blood of local residents. At altitude there is not only nature but also quality of life — it is comparable with Australia, Sweden and other developed countries. While New Zealand is significantly ahead of most countries, for example, environment and security. Crime here is low, the people are very friendly, and even dangerous animals there!

There is a misconception that the climate is tropical, but not really. The average temperature in the Islands is approximately 16 degrees, so that feel it likely you’ll be comfortable.

Education arranged by the British model, this is especially evident in the case of universities. New Zealand is one of the main suppliers of professionals around the world, which, however, is not surprising, since the government spends almost 1/6 of its budget on education. However, training costs money, but with proper luck is likely to get a government or University scholarship. Most foreigners seeking to study in Oakland, as it is the most modern and interesting place in the country, but Wellington and Christchurch are also becoming more popular. The most developed areas are IT, technology, tourism, hospitality and agriculture.

By the way, New Zealand is a great place to do business, so after training you’ll have a chance there to finally take root.

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