3 taymkiller that will rock your English

What to do idiots not correct, «Landau» will remain «see the capital of great Britain» but the British never too late to revive. Of course, if your level doesn’t allow to discuss the little dogs with the English Queen. Check just in case.

So, there are two options:

– to learn the language and not know it;

– not to learn the language and speak it.

The first option selects 90% of people. Check to see how the other love creatives and lazy. Incidentally, we’re one of them.


Is Ralph Baer, an American inventor and founding father of the video game industry. Great man, what can I say. He knew that playing computer games is not only fun, but also training.Research 1978 confirm that computer games develop the brain, have a motivational effect, and cognitive potential. There is even a special concept, Game Based Learning (GBL) is a learning through play. And it is believed by many prestigious companies and public administration. For example, for the Ministry of Defense was specially created the game America’s Army.

The concept of GBL proves a well-known researcher in the field of psycholinguistics James Paul Gee. In his scientific work, he concludes that recognition and action in computer games are the modern equivalents of reading and writing.

That’s why computer games help in learning languages! During the game, develop listening skills, expanding vocabulary, and the person is gradually immersed in the language environment. But online games allow you to practice the spoken language: there are already want – not want, and have to pass other players important to win the information. To break away will also be difficult: for example, in the game «The Secret World» or «Lineage II» too exciting quests.

It’s Carl from Denmark, he was the best in English class, just playing World of Warcraft.

Now there is no question why Denmark is ranked 1st for knowledge of English in the world, according to the study EF EPI international school EF English First. But Russia is only 36.

Of single-player games, we can recommend:

– «Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments»

Minimum level: pre-intermediate

– «The Walking Dead: season one»

Minimum level: intermediate

– «The Wolf Among Us»

Minimum level: intermediate

The good way

Watching movies in English – also one of the enjoyable ways of language learning, if for you important savings. The crisis, after all.

So leave your tutorial on English and just turn on the TV. If you have not yet reached pre-intermediate, it is better to choose films with a familiar story (e.g., «Forrest Gump» or «The Matrix»). Can with subtitles. First, it will annoy that do not understand, but calm down is temporary. Is without it I’m alone to the Russian text and try to repeat the phrases of the characters aloud.

And even better – see the series, as a guarantee of daily occupations». Well, for example:

The «Misfits». Level – pre-intermediate. You will hear real English and modern expressions, idioms, and profanity;

«Vikings». Level – intermediate. An excellent series because all the characters speak very slowly;

«True Detective». Level – advanced. Complex criminal legal vocabulary.

Live chat

And here you went through a couple of games, watched a season of some «Californication» and now I think that your English level is off the charts. Dude, back away from the computer and go out to the people – time to practice the language in real communication! If finances allow, go abroad no – go «speed Dating» in English (Speed Dating). Here and get acquainted with the girl, and spoken language practice.

In General, one of the coolest ways to intelligently and fun to practice the language – events EF Life Club. It’s all kinds of trainings, master-classes, fitness, discussions, performances, Board games and guided tours in English. And all is going good company, there is something happening, and a native speaker from England, America or Australia it organizes and helps everyone to speak up.

In General, there are many ways to LEARN the language. The main thing – to want to speak it.

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