3 stupid excuses not to learn languages

We all understand that learning a foreign language, especially English, a necessary condition for a more fulfilling life in the modern world. You will not only educated, but also will have access to information which is only in a foreign language. And many who intend to learn the language. Not necessarily English. It can be French, if you’re a fan of French poetry and culture, this can be Spanish, if you want to speak the language of many millions of people and have them like a brother, it could be Chinese, if you want to develop your business in a promising direction. Reasons to learn any language, thousands, and major excuses are only three. And they do not give you to buckle down and start. We recommend you not to stop and prove your knowledge to its logical end – the full development. Don’t be a wuss and do not cover all trivial. If you decide to teach – teach.

1. I don’t know much about languages

Many people have such a weak thought. The school was foreign, but failed. The parents hired a tutor, but the money he was sucked into a black hole. And you begin to think that you have no inclination to languages, like biology, physics and mathematics. Well, there you have it, so don’t even try. Know what we tell you? It’s all a lie. You’re fooling yourself and trying to attribute it to a mythical predisposition. Besides, your brain really wants to work, why not against such a situation. But, if you do not understand, just cheating yourself.

To learn the language of another people does not need to be a genius. Some do it for six months, others for a couple of years. Those who study the language for decades and are unable to talk to him, really just don’t teach it, doing nothing. Think of that once you’ve learned one language. Was it difficult? And you don’t even remember how you got it. Why not build in my head all these difficult obstacles. Just engaged and involved in good faith.

2. I’m too old

Oh, another excuse. We are not going to argue with scientific facts that clearly tell us that the capacity of the brain vary in age. There is such a thing as brain plasticity. When you were a child, your brain was more flexible and could absorb information at the speed of sound. Then you are getting dumber and dumber. But here’s the thing. The brain, like muscles, need exercise. Otherwise, no way. You can be down in the 40 years, if you do not like to strain their gyrus. And you can be a sensible man in his 90, if you periodically train the brain.

Learning the language is the same exercise. Do you train your memory, remember the grammatical structure, words, rules. If you find it difficult at first, it does not mean that you will be hard in a couple of weeks. Discipline and a willingness to make at least some effort. In General, if you’re old, but still able to read it on the Internet, then your brain is unable to learn another language. Just look to new methods of learning, and that you may be so ancient that your understanding of the study of language can be counterproductive.

3. No time

Time is not rubber. And you can’t find it, to deal with languages four times a week. You don’t even have time to translate texts. And in General, learning languages takes so much time! And you know, it’s all nonsense. Again found a reason not to strain their gyrus.

There are hundreds of ways that will allow you to efficiently learn a foreign language without resorting to language courses, in case if you have no time for them. No, it’s not the tutorial «Learn English in 10 minutes». Think wider. Stock up on audiobooks you need to register in online language classes, you can even find new friends by Skype from some Mongolia to learn the Mongolian language. By the way, regular communication with native speakers of a foreign language is the most important in this field. Such will greatly accelerate the process.

Also makes sense to rearrange all my electronic equipment on the study you language. It will be uncomfortable at first, but then becomes familiar. Watch movies with subtitles, listen to some folk (the kind of music where the words are quite clear). Books will come in handy. In General, there are many ways to go about their usual business and at the same time to learn the language. And, frankly, the time you have plenty, just need it to productive use.

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