3 simple ways to make your brain be creative

That is such an ugly word – a creative (though, because many people mistakenly consider themselves such). However, some make money, build a career, constantly generating ideas like a fabulous oven produces pies. And the brain, he is capricious and not always copes with its task. Fortunately, you have 3 ways, just like in the tales about the knight at the crossroads. Only here you will not lose anything, but on the contrary, will gain.

1. Description.

manygoodtips.com_10.03.2016_AIgn1BBYy1JRySometimes you have to solve this impossible task, how best to use their time. Because? So we write about how to make best use of your time, think, remember life experience (yours and others), we refer to the source.

When the soul turns into a testing ground for cat’s feces, we write about positive thinking. Need to go negative and paint exciting your question.

That’s how we work. Sometimes, though, it is impossible to find answers to the questions – most often what happens. What then? Then we’re just trying to describe his state of mind: apathy, laziness, and other delights. A lot of people thus the international bestsellers release.

Try, you don’t have to do this in writing, just to do it mentally. Want, imagine yourself as McConaughey-or a hero of Dostoevsky, thrown into the abyss, aroused and creative stagnation, it is even more interesting. He will feel a rush of inspiration and ideas. Most importantly, do not be distracted by the computer, eating, sleeping, cleaning the house.

By the way, we’ve uncovered some of the nuances of our work, for this – at least repost the last 20 articles. All to be honest.

2. Exercise for the brain

This is a small writing exercise is very helpful for fellow copywriters, journalists, playwrights and all who have to work with the word. It in truth makes the gears in your head spinning with a vengeance. I swear!

So, take a pen pencil, crayon or chalk and write any word or phrase. You can even bad words.

Now write several variations of this phrase or words. Bow, substituting synonyms or just similar phrases. This chain can go on forever.

Now you want to pick a similar sounding word. Get head, sweetheart. Well, soon strained!

Then your task is to form all this nonsense in a headline or sentence. Don’t be alarmed if the end result will be nothing like the original word, and that’s the whole point.

For Example: The Wachowski Brother. The Wachowski Brothers. Sister Wachowski (more: the World has been freaking Neo, I’m sorry, we’re all fucked). Cult Directors – transgender. Strippers-transformers. Tarzan watched the live stream where Shia LaBeouf yawned, watching «Transformers».

Really develops the mind and helps to beautify your speech with lush phrases and God-like comparisons. And usually, over time, notice that you spend much less time on the wording of the proposal. The more the mind Association, the easier it is to create. In addition, exercise helps to generate ideas, because when the chain is started, the brain will not stop. The only thing you have to do it.

3. Consuming, create

manygoodtips.com_10.03.2016_HxMCxRGXiOugRTell me, please, to the question: who is the most interesting man (there’s nobody like you, a pathetic wannabe) in your environment, and how it’s so different? Maybe thinking, maybe, ideas, or even knowledge. Everyone probably have a wise friend with whom interesting to talk and spend time. 5 minutes of dialogue – and you know in General terms why Vissarion Belinsky – so-so writer, and the second part of «Dumb and dumber» better never to see (hint: not to be disappointed).

For art is also necessary knowledge. Creativity cannot exist without healthy food fortification in the form of information feeding. Rights was John Locke (not the one that starred in Lost (I hope you remember this legendary series), a British philosopher), and so, he said that the mind is a blank slate. Without knowledge it is still that Russian entertainers without writers. Not reading, not listening to music, even though «Let them talk», your brain will not be able to give birth to anything worthwhile, except for the dictionary for the retarded.

Books can be taken in the library and on the Internet, you can listen to music on the way to the market, movies you can watch in the video and don’t forget to spin in the intellectual companies. Nevzorov once told me that communication with such pillars of thought, as Gumilev, spondylitis and the like, made a man of him.