3 simple steps that not everyone will be able to do

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Even if you’re not shy — jump with bungee and parachute, dived into the ocean and swam with sharks, playing Russian roulette and engaged in various extreme sports, there are some things, and, more precisely, the actions that will be decided not everyone is a daredevil. At first glance there is nothing wrong and extreme, but the consequences may not be the most pleasant. So, could you perform one of these actions:

Act one — rude

Probably, even the most uneducated person knows about what you need to say Hello. Congratulations, perhaps the most simple, mundane and common action. You greet neighbors, friends, colleagues at work. What if one day, take and not say Hello? And if aunt Masha from a neighboring apartment, you don’t say Hello, she might think you’re just busy and brooding, and if the other phone you mentioned the usual «Hey», is also not critical. But try not to say «good morning» to someone important in your work, for example, an accountant, and even better to greet the Director. Just stop saying Hello to people and see how cool will change your life. Here, most likely, two versions of events, it all depends on what kind of people surround you. Maybe friends and neighbors, and even the Director gets used to your surly behavior, and, perhaps, start to talk, to discuss and condemn, and even kicked out of the company for such rude behavior. Well, could you not greet, when necessary, to seem discourteous and to amass a lot of trouble for this stuff?

Act II — true

Perhaps if we invented a real truth serum and poured it in the water, soon it would start the Apocalypse. Our world is firmly based on lies, it’s everywhere and we all lie regularly, sometimes without even noticing. You just imagine, if everyone started telling each other the truth about everything, the chaos begins. You can check this on their own experience, begin to tell always the truth. No, of course you don’t, don’t think we take you dare, no, on the contrary, we do not recommend you to do this, although not refuse. The choice is always for you.

Act III — unconventional

We all live in the usual way, following certain traditions. Without noticing, we are like programmed bots, from year to year celebrate the New year, March 8 and even a lot of red days. Be it a wedding or a funeral, everyone has their own traditions and rituals, it is unknown when and by whom invented and why is it always us to adhere to. You would not be able to celebrate the New year, do not send a meaningless annual SMS app with the wishes of «happiness is health»? Not to congratulate mother-in-law on March 8, not because you are bad, and due to the fact that I see no need to celebrate it on March 8, because for women you can arrange a holiday any day, but not when someone is appointed. You’ll be able to break the tradition, without spoiling the relations and not turned into a white crow?

That’s the philosophy, dude. Seemingly simple things, but do them really poorly, many: and we, and you, and the man with the black eye because he had already tried to tell the truth.

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