3 rules of successful business from Elon musk

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_nX28AvsG0bzRWFor people who want to progress, a symbol of the era was Elon Musk: genius, a little bit businessman, and philanthropist. While many consider him a charlatan who only knows how to feed the promises and prospects of its development are not worse than Richard Branson, although it is already disgusted by too frequent mention of his person, is to pay tribute to him — the guy showed how to do business on only one ideas and perspectives. The only one who surpassed him — so it Mavrodi, that he actually built a business on promises.

There is a good phrase: «Fight until your idols will become your rivals». In order to compete with the Mask is not needed exceptional powers, simply follow these three rules.

1. Realize what your ultimate goals are

The strategy of Tesla is to enter at the top of the market, where consumers are willing to pay for premium-class goods, and then move in the opposite direction, making goods more available, and prices are getting lower with each successful model.It looks like the ultimate goal of the automaker, «Tesla».

And that’s how they planned to achieve their goal:

1.To build a sports car.

2.To use the money to build affordable car.

3.Use the money to build an even more affordable car.

While not forgetting to solve the problem of bad emissions of substances into the atmosphere.

So simple that it seems as if drew 6-year-old child or sarcastic Alf wool from the same movie (he liked to give simple solutions to complex situations). But the fact that the first commercial car «Tesla» was «Tesla Roadster» electric sports car, which was valued at $109 000 and can accelerate from zero to hundred in 3.7 seconds.Musk knew that the electric car market was not yet Mature, and to impose and actively promoted his vehicle to the masses it would be a big mistake. So he created an electric sports car that could only afford the bags.

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_Nv2W1jl1NXEj7And then it all according to plan — he used the money to create a more affordable car, the model S and now Tesla comes probably in the final stage of its plan when a market will Mature in the following years, and the brainchild of the Mask will become an important player in electroassembling region.

Except that his plan is simple and ingenious, its main advantages are transparency and honesty. This is a great way to entice people to his side.

Now consider how you can use a strategy Mask for example.

Let’s say you want to create your tribe. Well, you just realized that your personality and your values, it is impossible to roam around with random people, so you decided to give your gang.

This is your personal vision, your dream, it gives you the energy to do anything.

Now, in order to achieve the desired result, you need to communicate to people about the goals and plans of your project. For this you need to try to inspire people to feed their potential stories and to convince them that someday you will reach them to Paradise oasis.

While not forgetting the simple rules for more effective work and promotion:

Create a website;

Use this website to increase the impact on «his people»;

Create products that people need;

Use the results achieved by you, to further increase its influence.

2. Imagine yourself brighter than usual

Most sorry for those people who are doing interesting things, but I did not understand how to promote their offspring. If you create masterpieces out of wood, you can just introduce yourself: «I am a carpenter.» And Musk will never introduce himself with the words: «I am a Director of 3 companies.» Too bad, but very detailed and banal.

Rather, he would say stuff like: «I’m working on three projects. In the first I am trying to create massive electric vehicle that accelerates from zero to a hundred in 2.8 seconds. The second is a pipe that can transport people and cars from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes, and the third I submit a plan for the colonization of Mars.»

Obviously, this trick works with a much smaller scale. For example, say that your activities based on how to give people convenience in the critical moments of life, not phrase: «I sell toilet seats».

Why is all this necessary? To make an impression on partners and customers, of course. The magic power of beautiful words works even on those who considers himself a healthy skeptic. After all, advertising is advertising, and nobody stops you to decorate your own merit, especially if the people being these «preukras».

3. Focus on the future

Stop.com.ua_12.09.2016_HKfRl1ZvxMVK4Look at the Mask and on his offspring. What unites these different, but at the same time very similar to each other projects? One simple and not the most beautiful from a phonetic point of view, the word «future».

It is very important to have a perspective, to be able to convey to people how your baby will look like in years to come. Remember all the great things phrase by Martin Luther king, who talked about his dark dreams, which was to become a reality, remember the most successful of dictatorial speakers on the shop floor — they all spoke of a bright future. Previously, all dreamed of becoming astronauts not from the «Volga» with the driver, star of hero and villas with a house for prostitutes, but in order to become part of the future in which man has revealed all the cosmic secrets.

Here are the projects the Mask is focused on the prospect of conquest of Mars, by the dominance of electric cars. All of which makes the Mask — it’s the future. And now look at their work, their research on you turned on a lathe part. Are you sure that this work can benefit, and the item will last for all eternity? That’s why Musk is so successful, because only such people capable of moving humanity forward. And in the present have nothing to do here all have long since been dismantled.

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