3 recipe of the burgers, not to lose weight

Long we’re not talking about the male of foods that mention from rumbling in the abdomen. It is, of course, the burgers and what fills them. Forcing you to drink mulled wine, cook dried meat, but the burgers are no substitute!

Cooking burgers at home has a number of important nuances. For example, store-bought bread better than pan-fried. No idea how it helps to improve the taste of the product, but it works! In General, let’s try to make three tasty Burger, so much so that to eat to satiety.

Burger with chicken in soy sauce

manygoodtips.com_30.11.2016_kl0wEbbgdspd3This recipe is so simple that you can find absolutely all the ingredients in the shop. These burgers can be done every day.


— chicken fillet (0.5 kg);

— vegetable oil;

— butter;

— a bunch of lettuce;

— 4 rolls for burgers;

— 8 slices of processed cheese;

— 2 tomato;

— cheese sauce;

— BBQ sauce;

— 1 onion;

— salt, pepper;

— soy sauce.


1. Chicken fillet cut into pieces, well they hit (with a fist).

2. Salt, pepper, roll in soy sauce. Let the meat rest for ten minutes.

3. Heat up the pan, pour in one tablespoon of vegetable oil.

4. Fry the chicken. It is fast, but you should turn it once (not anymore!)

5. You take care of the vegetables. Cut tomatoes, tear off a few leaves of lettuce (4 pieces) and chop the onion.

6. Put the chicken on a plate and fry the buns after brushing them with butter.

7. Take the bottom bun and place the ingredients as follows: cheese sauce, hot chicken, two slices of melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and red sauce (spread on the top bun).

8. Overeat and enjoy.

Burger with egg

manygoodtips.com_30.11.2016_7pYcFClpjj5YBNothing extra — just the most nourishing, simple and slightly unusual. No eggs in our lives will not go far.


— 400 grams of minced pork;

— vegetable oil;

— BBQ sauce;

— butter;

— 4 hamburger buns;

— 4 eggs (preferably C0);

— 1 onion;

— cheese (100 grams, not too hard);

— 2 pickled cucumber;

— fresh parsley;


— pepper;

— Cayenne pepper.


1. Cut the onions, herbs and add to the mince. Pepper and salt it, don’t forget to add Cayenne pepper.

2. Knead well minced, to let the spices fully dressed in a meat mass.

3. Make the patties of a small size and try to make them a little flat. Burgers should be square than burgers for everything else.

4. Fry the meatballs in a hot pan, pre-lubricated with oil. It will take about 7 minutes (a long time is not necessary, because we did chops). Turn patties once.

5. Buns grease with butter and fry a little. When you fry eggs, close the pan with a lid so that the yolk has filmed over.

6. We put our Burger: first the bun, put the hot Patty, it is a slice of cheese, fields melted cheese with a small amount of barbecue sauce and finish the song rings marinated cucumber and top bun. Well squeeze it and send in your mouth.


manygoodtips.com_30.11.2016_zoE8Z47ctEErBThe Irish are crazy guys that came up with to add to their sandwiches and chips. We took their advice and upgraded easy Mexican recipe Burger.


4 bread for the Burger;

— vegetable oil;

— butter;

— chili ketchup;

— 600 grams of ground beef;

— 2 tomatoes;

— lettuce;

— 1 chili pepper;


— pepper;

— 8 slices of processed cheese;

— chips (Pringles).

Tip: we recommend to take the Pringles potato chips or nachos. If you take Pringles, don’t experiment with crab taste is not very good, but the cheese would make a great Burger.


1. Mix the minced meat with chopped chili, pepper and salt. Make from the meat of four medium-sized patties. Do them flat.

2. Fry well on high heat. If you have a grill, you’re in luck, if not, then take the pan and grease it with vegetable oil — cook until tender, turn once.

3. Hot cutlet put a slice of cheese — it should melt.

4. Fry the buns in the pan, pre-greased them with butter so they get ruddy.

5. This is the sequence that we’re doing with the bottom bun before you close the top: first, brush the loaf with chili ketchup, then put lettuce, then a few CIESIN (they need to pin down, they split into small pieces), then we get our chicken from the «cheese hat», tomatoes and finally, top the loaf, which should be lubricated ketchup.

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