3 reasons why we’re hooked on fast food

manygoodtips.com_30.03.2015_XejvFKcAPEgvHSuddenly all of humanity wanted to eat healthy food, wow! As long as we went. Okay, is so easy to give up fast food?

Well, how about heroin, as it turned out. What we put in his mortal body, is addictive on all levels (food, drinks, cigarettes), and those who produce food, you know it better than others. Here’s three reasons why you will be the rest of your life is a different junk food and to it fun.

1. The company originally focused on what you will become «addicted»

No one sits on boiled carrots and Brussels sprouts, but the potato chips — as much as necessary. Why? Because they are specially created for these purposes.

When you first put in your mouth chips, a whole tsunami of salt and fat starts to affect the pleasure center in your brain, and the poor man begins to think, that seems to have gone to heaven. Potato starch is a sharp increase in blood sugar levels like sugar, and it is much faster absorbed into the blood. However, this surge quickly subsided, and again, you want to eat chips. And you eat and eat them and they are so small that your stomach can’t be filled. So your «just one thing» — it’s as if the addict says that’s enough «the last time». Well, Yes.

What food can be hooked, a well — known fact that it is not the accidental discovery of different food companies that make money from it. They consciously make this — about like drug dealers. For example, 20% of all consumers, «Coca-Cola» drink 80% of all of its products are true junkies, and the company made their their target audience. What is the purpose? To make people dependent on their food even more, profitable business.

2. In the most part, healthy food is still full of shit

Food companies add sugar to everything you eat, from yogurt to bread with cereals. Therefore, in dependence on food does not just fans of the «McDuck» and other evil, but ordinary guys who eat regular food. Yogurt? So it has more sugar than the same Coca-Cola!

Sugar is not just the level of «sugar» in the product. He has a million different names, and to understand the composition of all the products you buy, not only long and tedious, but also looks like something monachesi. Besides, without special knowledge to deal with such a difficult task.

Even if you eat something savory, there still often are substances that your body immediately transformed into sugar. Normal food doesn’t seem delicious to us like this: our taste buds disarmed salty and sweet food we paglesham the day. Even in seemingly healthy corn flakes and muesli is sugar! Just last week I decided to eat the Breakfast cereal of his girlfriend with the yogurt and while eating, I studied the packaging. What I saw there? On the obverse is written: «No sugar» is a large size though. And in part it says: «sugar.» Some time after nuts and Flaxseed. How can they do this to us?

Someone so concerned about his health (not including diabetics), eating sweets instead of sugar fructose. Good initiative, but they do not know what they are doing. Recent studies have shown that rats, which was added to the food of syrup with high fructose, began to behave as if they are coked up. Really, the behavior was similar. Well, what then?

3. To convince you that the first two points — lies, spend a lot of money

The brain is a complex structure. He can go to the trick and tried to convince myself that the body is not fallen into dependence on anything — for example, unhealthy hawk. Food companies know this, and since their income depends on you buying their product or not, they use any tricks to fool you.

For example, recently Fox News released an article stating that «in the end, fast food is not addictive». They interviewed a scientist about his own research, in which rats were fed the same factotum. After rats have toralis to epic proportions, harmful food they had taken and replaced it with healthy foods. But the rats threw an amazing place to eat healthy food, they were starving for two weeks. These animals, we really feel sorry for them, they even went on an electric shock to get to food, and healthy food they could not eat, if they are, again, not electrocuted. Isn’t this the mechanism of addiction?

What’s the salt? The scientist ended the interview by saying that technically junk food acts on the brain’s not exactly like drugs, so the material was called «junk food is not addictive». The fact that marketers know that if something is named is addictive, parents forbid their children to use it.

The companies producing food beneficial to people from childhood was hooked on their products. Chain fast food and the corporations that produce soft drinks, spending billions of dollars on advertising and cooperation with mass media, so that our attention some of the facts can slip away for many years. These things, dude.

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