3 reason not to be afraid to lose a member


They say that when soldiers recovering from severe wounds in hospitals, they first matzo his cock. Not legs, not hands, namely genitals, because without legs a man can still survive without hands too, but without a penis… Morally difficult. Killing your courage, your masculinity. After all, we’re all animals and I think that is called, eggs. Courage is often defined not by deeds, not business, and sexual exploits. So, you live, fall in love with the ladies, and then SNiP. All right hand, you remember how your grandfather-WWII veteran in peace and dignity lived a long happy life, actively working, giving birth to and nurturing of your parents, but the member is psychologically difficult. It’s terrible from a psychological point of view.

Member sewn hospitably received by the body

But last year, a guy from South Africa successfully transplanted a cock that had to be cut after the ritual of circumcision that is so hot I love African men. As usual, polushko got an infection, and it had to be amputated. But thanks to the efforts of African doctors, they managed to make a guy happy. Pussies sewn before, but never so successfully. Earlier they were not working at full strength, had problems with urination, and even the body did not want to wear someone else’s flesh for a variety of reasons, including moral and ethical.

In this story most remarkable is the head of surgery, Professor Frank Mane:This is a huge breakthrough. We have proved that it can be done. We have given man authority, which is as good as the one he had, and even better.

And even better… Perhaps in the future we fall in line to the Professor’s Mane «superior members». But most importantly, the victim is quickly mastered with the new penis and already uses it: play with the women, writes the garages and everything is fine. It’s in an unassuming African genes suitable donor material or the Golden hands of the surgeon (a very difficult operation, too many need to sew together)? Probably, in all factors, otherwise not.

Member grown, almost native


But it’s one thing to sew someone else’s cock, and quite another to grow it again. Actually, this pleased the international community by American scientists developing innovative methods of growing the penis. It’s not a secondary member, and brand new. And then presenterat a member of some criminal or, worse, Justin Bieber.

Penis scientists are planning to grow on a matrix of human cells. In fact, it is an outlet for those whose bodies immunological rejects anyone, even beautiful, member. In the laboratory managed to create half a dozen human penises. Although they are not yet ready for transplant, a team of researchers checks the safety and efficiency of future transplants.

However, it is expected that the main consumers vzroschenny members are not those who were amputated, and those who are unhappy with their size. Such in America, 70% of the population.

A member of the bionic, very specific

But one thing member is sewn, you can not accept psychologically, another member of the bionic. A strange thing, which can feel like a cyborg, but not where.

That’s what happened case. A resident of Edinburgh Mohammed Abad (a real Scot, will Wallace looks at him from heaven and cries with pride) has lost his precious rod, after 6 years, he was hit by a car. She took the egg, and the «rod», not take hope.

Three years ago, the doctors began work on his prosthesis, which used flaps of skin from his arm. For installation of the prosthesis required several operations, the last of which took 11 hours.

Just recently, in Abad has a chance for the first time to use the same «hell.» Doctors gave the «green light» for sex. Of course, to look for volunteers among the common girls was risky, especially on such special attention, and to go down in history as the lady who have tested on itself all delights of neofallos a dubious honor.

I had to go to a prostitute, which specializiruetsya to clients with disabilities. Copulation lasted about two hours, but it was only at the second attempt: the first time, Abad failed to correctly inflate the bionic dick.

The device operates in a very peculiar way: with a special button located in his scrotum, the man can fill a new penis with fluid from the implant that is in his abdominal cavity. The size of the implant is also adequate – as much as 20 cm.

Next, Abad – be father. According to doctors, the level of testosterone in the blood within normal limits, and he may have children.

What else can’t lose



Not so long ago a prestigious award in the field of engineering design and industrial design the James Dyson Award in the UK got a startup Open Bionics, the founders of which has developed an innovative bionic prosthetic hand, the details of which are printed using a 3D printer. Manufacturing of the prosthesis takes a measly 40 hours and in addition is much cheaper than their counterparts. The winner of the prosthesis can control it through sensors that attach to the skin and catch the movement of muscles. Straining the muscles of the prosthesis holders can choose: to squeeze, to open it or take it any subject. However, to feel that in the hand, yet it is impossible and not necessary, perhaps. The fingers of the prosthesis is designed in such a way that I feel if they relate to the subject – this helps to reduce the pressure on the subject, and the holders of the prosthesis can take its help even such a fragile thing as an egg with a homunculus, not povreda shell baby. If all goes well, the prosthesis will go on sale this year.


Good news for alcoholics came from Japan last week: there is a raised liver. Rejoice, the Lord drunks, flip a couple fanfikov in honor of this!

I brought up a child in the laboratory of the University of Yokohama based on induced pluripotent stem cells. The first results of the experiments showed that it is able to produce proteins albumins and process harmful substances in exactly the same way as does the human liver. All right, boys, vodka pull. Clinical trials in humans are planned to start in 2019, and if the effectiveness of the new body are confirmed, it can be used for transplantation to patients with severe hepatic insufficiency. So start right now, 2019 is not far off.


And of course, the most anticipated news was the legendary, worthy of Professor Dowell and writer Belyaeva transplant surgery of the head. Even the date – December 2017. According to the calculations of the author of this risky venture, the Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero, the operation should last up to 36 hours. For this you need to cool the head and body donor, so that their cells can survive without oxygen.

While the operation was carried out on rats. And contrary to the predictions of skeptics, the rat moved. Will be able to begin to move our compatriot Valery Spiridonov, whose head will sew, is still unknown. But let’s wait for the 17th year.

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