3 quality bikes that will offer any way

manygoodtips.com_8.04.2016_qlvsyuSxe83P1The sun begins to bake and to sit at home is unbearable. The snow melts in the mountains, the greenery, lush blooms – it’s time to get out of the stuffy city to the abode of nature. On foot make it easy, though the walk we respect and love. But it’s always nice to ride with the breeze on the bike. It’s a drive, speed and convenience. But to all these components of your travel was a reality, not a phantom, you don’t just need two wheels and the frame. With the choice of bike is an easy mistake to make, because many producers, and too low a price can turn the head and give her damage a wrong choice. And it’s not very good when you are passing through the wilderness. Today we will recommend a good and relatively inexpensive bikes in the catalogue of Apples.

1. Scott Aspect 660


This producer I know with young people. My first serious mountain bike was assembled with their hands. Most valuable in it had a frame, which few people know how to do the splits when you wear out your vehicle in full. Besides, Scott always put in a basis of innovation, their engineering is awesome, the balance is almost perfect. You can say that about all bikes of this brand.

But if we talk about the specifics, the Scott Aspect 660 at a relatively cheap price gives the maximum possible functionality. It is reliable, suitable for semi-professional riding, it has excellent performance. Frame, as usual, made of aluminium – it is strong, but light as a feather. Manufacturers have put on the bike fork with adjustable spring rate, which can not but rejoice. Besides, it has a stroke range of 100 mm – quite prestigious. Speaking of shifters, then Scott took them from the front Shimano FD-M190 rear Altus). Standard, but very nice 24 speed reinforce our confidence in the selection. It’s a decent bike mainly for mountain riding, but who’s stopping you ride it on Russian roads?

2. TREK Mamba


This monster will be more expensive, but it does not mean that it should ignore. Lately Bicycle manufacturer TREK gives heat to all players in the market. He bombards the niche of high-quality bikes, which are priced Cycling community in a positive way. The whole point of the technology, which draws the attention of the manufacturer. You are, in principle, do guess what it is a test of the bike if it is not about the quiet ride. Walking with large baskets of pink can not stand this hell. And often need to reach the finish line first, because mountain bikes were originally created for bruises on the head extreme, but not for grandparents, who, the older, the more you push on the gas pedal.

So, the Mamba is a great opportunity to buy something that will remain in you forever. Of course, it’s designed more for fans, not bouncers, but copes with the travel virtually any level of complexity, because its element – off-road. In it, he feels like Superman. The frame is made of durable aluminum alloy wheel diameter of 29 inches, amortized plug – what else you need to climb any mountain on this planet?

3. TREK 7.3 FX


But will not be limited only mountainbike, because most live in large cities, where all these fancy extreme stuff will be useless. But there are many important things to consider when buying a bike for each day.

First, it needs to be comfortable. Second, he should have excellent grip of varying degrees of killing. You know our roads, so please don’t buy pampered model. To ride around the city and everywhere in time, need a quality bike, agreed. And so we believe bike TREK 7.3 FX. In General, it is designed for fitness – I like to ride it, burning their fat reserves accumulated over the winter. This task is handled by the bike perfectly. But it is also nice to drive to work, from work, to the Park, around the neighborhood.

The characteristics emerges the following picture: shock absorption, aluminum alloy frame, rigid fork, curved handlebars (great for runs), rim brakes (V-Brake) and 27 speeds. Although speed is the last thing you should be interested in a good bike, it’s not about them. To recap: TREK 7.3 FX is a great choice to the citizen, even if the roads in your policy sucks, but the real power of this horse you feel, of course, on the straight parts – excellent handling at speeds.

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