3 popular shooting technique

After watching the next blockbuster, it seems that the only skill required in life — the ability to shoot, and preferably in different ways. Chuck Norris left us the commandment 3: learn to shoot from the hip, learn to shoot with two hands, learn to shoot, rolling from cover to cover. Indeed, from the screens of such methods of solving their problems seem incredibly cool, but to master them is not easy — too many subtleties.

1. Tactical shooting

But we will discuss the kind of shooting that you use most often in our days. It has not lost its relevance outperforms all the others. We are talking about tactical shooting, in which are intertwined the ability to take a stand and to wield weapons.

Methods and techniques of tactical shooting is a subject of constant debate. However, these discussions sometimes resemble arguments about literary schools or software products — each defending that better knows and can do. On the one hand, there is no universal racks, methods of aiming and launching, suitable for any situation, any arrow and any weapon. On the other hand, the time to prepare the arrow, whether a private citizen, an officer of the army or the police, the employee of the security Bureau or the security service, is always limited, and one can be equally proficient in multiple techniques.

And yet there are a number of waste options, which are widely used not only in movies, which is rolling and jumping from cover to cover, the character shoots all of his enemies, but also intelligence agencies in real life.

Most importantly, you need to get rid of stress. Non-contact fight can end very quickly. This fact does not give rest to the arrow, so he needs to regroup, get my head right and grab the weapon stronger. In such circumstances, training will not help — only fulfilled for years the techniques and movements, and all for a single purpose — as quickly as possible to hit the enemy.

The position from which you have to shoot in a real situation differs from sport rack. In particular, it is necessary to take into account the instinctive human desire to hide, to duck to the ground or to sit down when it starts firing. Target shooting with a well-calibrated distance — lack of training to the real clash. It often happens that the shooter, shows excellent results in the dash, in a shootout like the first time holding a gun. Therefore, shooters are taught separately to hide, after all, to put to the expense of personnel — a luxury. And if suddenly a bullet grazed the fighter, then separately teach the intricacies of shooting with one hand.A fleeting glance at the aim enough to hit the bullseye, so don’t believe kinaalda that shoot enemies on the run, by the way. The purpose and the area you want to hit, should be the focus of attention of the shooter. Besides in a real fight no one is wasting ammo as mediocre as Call of Duty. If cartridges end, the small morning can officially be considered closed.

It is important to remember that shooting is more significant is not the rate of fire, and the speed with which it can be fired. Very revealing statistics of the use of weapons by officers of the FBI in fights with criminals. The fight lasts an average of 2.8 seconds. The participants spent on average to defeat one of the parties 2.8 the cartridge. The average distance between opponents is 2 m, and 75 percent of collisions occur at distances of less than 7 m. Most confrontations occur in low light, and their result is essentially influenced by the reaction of firing and the location of the weapons on its hands.

2. Shooting from the hip

In those days, when the Wild West the nickname «the fastest arm in the state» implies a mortal danger, not alone, the most important thing was to quickly pull out your revolver from the holster and shoot at the enemy. This, then, life depended, and now with the medals and cups. Unlike high-speed shooting from the usual is that time for anything — neither aiming nor on the extraction of weapons, nor even to raise his hand with the gun. These peculiarities has developed a unique technique of shooting from the hip.

Only contrary to popular belief, did it not noble cowboys. Cowboy is a shepherd, a Drover of cattle. Most of the cowboys of the nineteenth century were black, and carry weapons they were forbidden. This was done by GUNFIGHTER, in other words, «guys with guns». They could be hired assassins, the servants of the law, but they earned a livelihood by one murder.

To learn how to shoot, you need to practice for many years, to work out the reaction and accuracy to automaticity, to classic shooting with aiming cause you a storm of laughter.

Now this culture is still alive, just shoot the current GUNFIGHTER not each other, but at targets, arranging themed events, where the main character, of course, is the gun. Tough guys in hats ready to keep the hand above the gun, every finger is ready to take its position on the handle. At the signal, the shooter pulls a gun and grabs him and bends back so that the elbow is given back, and the barrel barely rises above the edge of the holster. And immediately the shot!

The secret of this crazy technology — brilliance and the ability to do in advance. The trigger is cocked when the pistol is in the holster. When taken the revolver out of the holster a little more than half the index finger is placed on the descent, although the barrel has not even exhibited on the line of the shot. The shot is made when the barrel was still touching the rim holster, but the inertia forced him to continue moving up.

If shooting is conducted on several targets, then move from one target to another must be made no motion, and rotate the torso along with the arm. Simply put, stay still, like a statue, and turn the body, and most importantly — secure tightly the shoulder joint. And practice the grip — it should be not just iron and stone, otherwise the gun will deploy to hell.

3. Dual wield

Dual wield, known in narrow circles under a simple and unpretentious word «akimbo» is nothing but a hyped professional in cinematography technique of shooting two pistols (and if you have iron muscles, you can use the machines) at the same time. Pretty interesting history of the origin of the Macedonian name. In 1934, Vlado Chernozemski, shooting with two hands, throw it away and the king of Yugoslavia Alexander I of Yugoslavia and French police in the confusion and fright smashed up his Minister, Louis Barthou, whose murder forty years and then dumped on the Macedonian. Contemporaries, impressed by the performance of balkantsev, called the method a «shooting in Macedonian».

In fact, this kind of shooting is focused on the suppression. Greatly increases rate of fire and large amounts of lead in the air, which is especially nice in a time when you have to confront armed with machine guns villains. Shooting is conducted alternately for each gun: one to shoot the other platoon, so you have a definite imitation of a machine gun.

But in fact, shooting is not as effective as it might seem at first glance. In the movie, when recently a simple Russian guy Steven Seagal smallit enemies, each the bullet reaches the target. In real life, even by trained soldiers is quite difficult to conduct aimed fire. Only if we are talking about a relatively small range, and if not, without serious training and you from 5 feet will not fall.

Much of this equipment is outdated. Not many tough guys in black shirts who are fighting against evil on their own. The peak of relevance of this fire fell on the XVI-XVIII centuries, when guns were big, single-shot and very heavy. Shot, thrown to the ground and went to fence. But many don’t care how it is effective or ineffective in life, because among the visitors of tyre and shooting clubs are few those who want to shoot other people.

Be prepared for the fact that to reload the guns in a spectacular pirouette will not work, because the cooldown will turn into a very long and awkward process. And the hero, who threw pistols in hand and started shooting left and right, just Durkee — peripheral vision not much to shoot.


In order to acquire at least one of the three above shooting skills, you must at least be able to hold the gun in hand and figure out where the bullet flies. In more simple language, without initial training and ability to shoot from the same gun in the direction of the akimbo even not worth watching. To get the hand in the shooting gallery — for example, in the sport-hunting complex «biserovo-sporting» is shooting 25 meters pistol shooting, where you will learn the correct way to hold the barrel in hand and hit the target. Where else can you shoot from an identical analog of Makarov’s pistol called 446C Viking calibre 9×19 mm, claira CZ Kadet 22 LR or CZ Shadow caliber 9 × 19mm?

In addition, the club is pretty booths for shooting on plates. The service is available to everyone, not even in possession of weapons — enough to rent a gun and take the help of a coach. Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of a new passion, or even career.

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