3 multi-purpose tool

I can’t cool collections of multifunctional instruments which adorn and simplify the lives of modern men. It’s time to fix it, and provide our readers three devices from reputable manufacturers, designed to help with the housework and in different situations. Warm time has brought us Hiking and other summer fun, you need to prepare!

The Ultimate Hammer Tool


This device with many functions is made of solid stainless steel. The Ultimate Hammer Tool is invaluable for home, car enthusiast, student dormitory, traveler, or just a modern young man. The functionality of the tool is large: 9-in-1. Do not think that such a large number of tools affected the ease of use! Here everything is quite harmonious. The Ultimate Hammer Tool is Packed with a hammer, pliers, knife, scissors, saw, file and screwdrivers of several types. Regardless, if you needed all this stuff, it will be the moment when they need them. Nylon case with strap large enough to carry it with you anywhere. Also you can put something small. The price of The Ultimate Hammer Tool happy — 20-30 $ depending on the shop.

Multi-Purpose Scissors Tasker


Like regular scissors? Yes, it is, but they do know how very, very much. Don’t expect that they will prepare for you Breakfast or wash the pants, no, every thing needs to perform its functions! These scissors are made in Japan and have the ability to cut almost anything. Sheet metal, plastic, rope, cork, glass, bone, frozen meat — they are able to cut almost everything and not dull. The ledge on top of the scissors will help someone who bought them to open a bottle or something more complicated types of transmissions. Despite the fact that the scissors seem to be more appropriate for kitchen work, you can do with them to work in the garage. For convenience, the handle is rubberized, also have the opportunity to make it. This increases the compactness. It is possible to use scissors as wire cutters. The material of blades is stainless steel. Weight: 120 grams. The cost of the tool $ 40.

Monster Children x MAKR x Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool


The latest tool multitool from a legendary manufacturer the Leatherman. Firm Monster Children teamed up with the manufacturer of the devices MAKR and Leatherman. Together they produced a rather stylish black multitool with a very long name. Monster Children x MAKR x Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool. But the tool they came up with is awesome.

It sports a matte black model with a cool cover of embossed leather, whose cover resembles a dirty Gypsy tan. Any multi-tool is not as good as this, at least from the appearance. It is equipped with the following features: needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, crimper, knife (420HC steel hardness), serrated knife, file, wood and metal nail file, screwdriver, awl, ruler, bottle opener and can opener. What else is life need? Only Scotch tape. Estimated price is $ 150.

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