3 in 1 — survival kit in the event of the Apocalypse


You’ve probably heard that North Korea is in danger! Of course, the fat leader, Kim Jong-UN with the HTC Butterfly may seem cute and harmless, but this bro is not confused, because he should prepare for the worst result, considering the things from here . Today we offer you another thing that will help you survive in case of Apocalypse, zombie uprising and all such things.


Before us is quite remarkable nonsense that is a classic version 3 in 1. More specifically, it’s waterproof hooded jacket, sleeping bag and tent. Flick of the wrist the coat into a sleeping bag, and sleeping bag lightly turns into a single tent. Mode tent you really going to remind squashed flat worm with a triangular head from a Japanese horror movie, but it’s nothing if you’re going to survive. I wonder if there’s options with camo?


In a campaign sort of thing too, will be very useful, although better, in our opinion, to use it together with the tent. You can buy for $240.53. And to look and to buy amazon.com

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