3 ideas for simple and healthy Breakfast

Today, everyone is literally obsessed with eating healthy Burger King in disgrace, Subway will soon suffer the same fate, but how exactly to eat properly, only a few know. Because the majority of people only thinks he knows. But proper nutrition is not just a large number of vegetables, fruits and a balance of ingredients. It is also understanding what specific product you need at a given time.

For example, when it comes to Breakfast, most people would prefer a few pieces of meat and a couple eggs in the pan. Fatty food still on us power, but it gives us a boost of energy that can give proper nutrition. Now tell you what to eat men who live to a hundred. Note: this time we use only wholesome ingredients.

Toast with avocado and egg

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_Ck1CLvQIVryGHLet’s start with a simple toast. And Yes, meat will not be there. Filling serve egg and avocado, which will be your charge for all morning. A couple of toast, washed down with a Cup of coffee, will make you a man, even if you slept three hours. Cook them simply.


— 2 eggs (fried eggs);

— 2 slices of bread, toasted);

— 1 small avocado;

— 1 teaspoon of lime juice;

— sea salt;

— black pepper;

— parsley.


1. To fry eggs and the bread in the pan.

2. Cut avocado and mash it together with lime juice, salt and pepper.

3. Evenly spread weight of avocado and fried egg on bread, sprinkle with parsley.

Time, unfortunately, every year we have less and less. You can’t always force myself to get up an hour earlier to prepare a healthy Breakfast. Therefore, we take with us to eat something on the go and not always that «something» can be called useful. But the alternative to chocolate and crisps smart people long ago invented and it is called muesli bars. They are small but satisfy your hunger as it should. Two bars will be enough until dinner, and all because of the energy value they have is phenomenal. If you do not know where to find the normal oat and wheat flakes, syrup from Jerusalem artichoke and a bunch of other useful pieces, we suggest to visit the site with the bars.

Fitness pancakes

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_0rIshJiwVThZ4One word — Bunting. It eats every serious athlete, eat it every Holmes. Oatmeal qualities well ahead of the wheat. If you bake from it pancakes, you will receive not only delicious, but healthy Breakfast. Syrup from Jerusalem artichoke would be a great addition to the dish.


— 1 Cup of oat flour;

— 1.5 cups of milk;

— 2 eggs;

— 2 teaspoons of baking powder;

— 3 tablespoons of syrup from Jerusalem artichoke;

— 2 teaspoons of vanillin;

— a bit of salt;

— cinnamon.


1. If not oatmeal, then grind in a blender oatmeal.

2. Separate the whites from the yolks.

3. Mix milk, flour, protein, baking powder, vanilla, salt and cinnamon. You should get a fairly liquid batter.

4. Heat up the pan, pour the dough exactly in the center of the pan. Fry until browned (will take a minute or two).

5. Fields ready pancakes with syrup from Jerusalem artichoke.

Muesli cake

manygoodtips.com_29.09.2016_cLPJRksSxY32HThere is a misconception that guys who are obsessed with health, and only eat that cooked chicken and vegetables. This is not so. Even sweet foods can be useful, but just make absolutely of the other ingredients — there’s palm oil you can find. Here’s a great cake recipe, a soldered honey. Only honey be sure to find the right, but not the one they sell in supermarkets.


— 1 Cup of oatmeal;

— 1 Cup wheat flakes;

— 1 Cup sunflower seeds;

— 1.5 cups of honey;

— 1 Cup dried cranberries;

— a pinch of salt.


1. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

2. Put an even layer on a baking sheet oat flakes, wheat flakes and seeds.

3. Bake until fragrant and brown, about 10 minutes.

4. Take a baking pan, which put on medium heat. Grease it with butter and pour honey.

5. Waiting for the honey begins to boil and blisters. In this state, hold it for another 2-4 minutes.

6. Fall asleep in the honey roasted cereals and seeds. Add the cranberries and salt. Mix well.

7. Give the cake to cool, and then turn the form and extract it from there.

8. Cut into portions and treat yourself for a few days.

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