3 ice the benefits of exercise in the cold

manygoodtips.com_21.11.2016_5nGuQt84ABfyUIf the temperature dropped below 10 degrees, it can only mean one thing: the season training officially can be considered closed. Don’t see too many running around in the parks people. Rather, they can be found, but most of them usually do sport a little more seriously than the average man in the street.

And where are all those flashing expensive sports clothes, flooded the streets in the warm season? Scared of the cold? But in vain, to engage in a «permafrost» is much more useful. Let say that steam bones ache, but the practical benefit of the cold is well-documented. If already advised not to raise the room temperature above 20 degrees, then what about the workout. Don’t worry: the risk is tiny, and nothing will happen, only good. So dress warmly and bring an example to others.

1. With the cold increasingly

It seems that scientists are exploring all: there is no sphere that is not crowding the workers of science. For example, they compared the effects of pre-cooling before work and in the middle of a training session, and investigated the performance and physiological response to running. Thank you, dear scientists, this information is very helpful.

For clarity, instead of the laboratory mouse took runners asked to run 5 km have been researching on the treadmill, the athletes were divided into 3 groups and made to rush forward. The first disappeared into the room with a high temperature, the second cheered the spray of cold water in the face, and the third allowed to plunge into a bath of ice water and then to run forward, to somehow keep warm. The researchers checked the temperature, breathing, muscle activation, and how difficult it was for athletes.

Clearly, the winners are those who had the opportunity to dive into the pool. This method reduces body temperature, which causes the activation of the muscles. This was confirmed by the gold standard measurement of body temperature — defiant and objective anal (Yes, the rectal method of measuring body temperature is most accurate) burned in athletes not as much as after a workout «dry» and jokes about their mothers.Now the street is cold enough, you might even say horror as cold. Therefore, do not have to take a bath, you can just easily dress up and do better.

2. From training in the cold does not get cold

If mom sees you, that is going to train in this weather, the old habit will shout that you’re wearing a coat and a scarf, otherwise you’ll get sick. But judging by the results of recent scientific research, training in the cold will not make you sick, but it will give you a number of benefits and incentives that are not in the training room.

The researchers analyzed the effects of anaerobic (hard intensity) training on salivary lymphocytes, which are part of the human immune system, in a dry and cool place. As always, recruited volunteers, divided into two teams and given exercises: sprint (20 and 40 metres), stretching exercises, burpees and the long jump. Some practiced in a room where the temperature was 20 degrees Celsius, the other locked in a cold room where the temperature barely reached 10 degrees.

The researchers then collected saliva samples to check the condition of the white blood cells immediately after training and then again two hours after recovery. Digging in saliva, they found that the level of leukocytes in the blood increases immediately after training, and then falls below the initial value in two hours, with the same indicators gave the two groups. But compared with baseline, those who practiced in a cold room, changes in the immune system were significantly smaller scale.

That is, it is safe to say that the cold does not destroy the immune system, and conducts small fluctuations in the immune cells that actually make the human body more resistant to disease. This hormesis — the case when the body is stimulated by a moderate dose of external stimuli.

3. Cold significantly improves the recovery of the body

Look at football players, MMA fighters, Rugby players and ask what they are doing immediately after the match or bout, as they both recover quickly and look fresh the next day? The answer is simple: they take a cold bath to significantly accelerate the recovery of the body.

A recent study was conducted after the Olympics in Rio in German weightlifters. After the first workout, they were immersed in a bath of hot water, and then the second is the old way — in the cold. The researchers measured the speed of the jerk rod, various blood parameters, recovery options and assessed the fatigue of athletes.

The figures will not please adherents of warm baths: these recovery rates are much lower and the stress level is incomparably greater. However, the levels of testosterone and cortisol did not change significantly. But as it turned out, these indicators are strictly individual character. For example, some athletes were seen significant improvements in performance and the ratio of testosterone to cortisol. And as you know, in professional sport, even a slight indicator still indicator. So many athletes have to take balls in hand and located in inhospitable waters.

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