3 hearty recipe without meat

You think we joke you joke thought up? No! You can eat without meat and the better the meat not to touch, especially if you want to arrange a life according to the strict canons of Buddhist monks, who know life and decided to know his own soul. We propose to challenge myself to live without meat for a month. But do not fear consequences because you will not eat cabbage, and national cuisine of our ancestors. One delicious thing we found in the Balkans, the other — among the Creoles. Completed our culinary test we are rich and no doubt, delicious pasta in the spirit of Jamie Oliver. Every dish is seasoned with paprika — she’s not the main ingredient.


Terrible name, I agree. But it’s a powerful traditional Balkan dish, which was replaced by Balkan men parents when they were going to win their land back. The dish is simple, but very nutritious.


— 200 grams of cheese;

— 1 onion;

— 3 tablespoons butter;

— 3 teaspoons of ground pepper;

— 5 tablespoons light beer;

— sugar;



1. First, RUB the cottage cheese through a sieve (so the easiest way, although you can do this in a blender).

2. Slice finely onion — very finely cut.

3. Mix onion, cheese and soft butter. Add to the mix the paprika, salt and sugar.

4. Mix well, then add beer. You should get a lot of like pasta — this is cozoroc.

5. Cozort eaten with bread, and better bread.


Jambalaya is an exotic representative of the Creole cuisine. Start this dish put the Spaniards, who wanted to sort of paella in the New world. But the Spaniards failed because America was not saffron. Without thinking twice, they replaced saffron tomatoes, and jambalaya came out. Then the dish was affected by French influence, and then black. In the end, jambalaya has become synonymous with simple food, which is available to all and all delicious. Initially only prepared with ham, but today, so many variations, that jambalaya without the meat long do not think of something original.


— 1 onion;

— 1 bell pepper;

— 2 stalks of celery;

— 4 cloves of garlic;

— 3 cups of vegetable broth;

— 1 glass of water;

— 1 Cup of tomato sauce;

— 2 cups brown rice;

— half packs of butter;

— 4 teaspoons paprika;

— 2 teaspoons of thyme;

— 4 teaspoons of Cayenne pepper;




1. The first thing you need to prepare the vegetables — they should be cut. There is no rule cutting, do it with the expectation that you’ll eat it and you will be comfortable.

2. In a deep frying pan to heat the butter. Add all of the vegetables (onion, bell pepper, garlic and celery). 15 minutes on low heat enough so that the vegetables become soft.

3. Add to pan with vegetable broth, water, tomato sauce, rice and everything else. You need to bring a whole mess of vegetables to a boil, then cover and cook an hour on low heat.

4. When the hour is over, check readiness of rice. If you did everything correctly, then it should be ready. But a lot depends on the rice, so if anything, just add water and for cooking (10-15 minutes should suffice).

You may have noticed that each dish was not without a very important ingredient — the spice, the legacy of red pepper. We’re talking about paprika. It gives the taste of any, even the most insipid dish. If you add paprika to the rice, the rice is the food of the gods. If you add paprika to the fish, and it will sparkle with new flavors. But we must understand that paprika paprika hostility. For example, we use smoked paprika — it makes it easy and painless to switch from meat dishes to vegetarian dishes. Buy quality paprika you can on the website «108 spice» (there really is a lot of spice).

The caponata

This pasta is a signature recipe Jamie Oliver, however, in his recipe he relied on traditional cooking of the inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula. This recipe, arguably the most sophisticated in the collection, but it’s worth it to you make it.


— 2 red peppers cleaned from seeds and cut);

— 2 yellow peppers remove seeds and cut);

— olive oil;

— 2 teaspoons of paprika;

— sea salt (God, can use regular);

— black pepper;

— 2 red onions (peel, slice);

— 2 cloves of garlic (grate);

— a bunch of parsley (finely chop);

— 2 tablespoons wine vinegar (red).

— 2 handfuls of Parmesan cheese (you can substitute any solid);

— 2 tablespoons Mascarpone (don’t know what to replace, I advise you to splurge a bit).


1. Put a deep pan on a medium heat. Add a small amount of olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper. Send to roast all of the peppers for 15 minutes. Close the pan with a lid to poparilis and become soft. Cook the peppers have slower, otherwise you’ll ruin the taste.

2. Add onion and cook for another 20 minutes. Then add garlic and parsley stalks. Three minutes is enough to make all the mess bought delicious. The next stage is vinegar. It will sizzle, so it’s good to mix things up. Then add one handful of the grated cheese, 2 tablespoons of mascarpone. Reduce the heat to low, let’s do pasta.

3. Cook pasta or spaghetti. Put them in a colander, then mix with peppers, parsley and all that was in the pan. If everything looks dry, you can add a little water you used for boiling pasta, or a few tablespoons of olive oil. Sprinkle dish with cheese and serve hot.

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