3 healthy and delicious snack

As you know, our editorial team does not miss a chance to write about fitness, healthy living, about the undeniable attractiveness of the relief of the body to the opposite sex. But we rarely touch on the topic of healthy eating which is not less than the exercise machines and exercise helps to attain perfection of an antique statue. But there are situations when to eat a couple of packs of cheese or a chicken breast, does not work. For this and invented a variety of bars, mixes, and other products that are easy to take with you to work, for example.

1. Candy Healthy ball


Carbohydrates provide the «fuel» that you want your body to be energized before a workout. But carbohydrates carbohydrates are different. All sugar-containing foods include so-called fast carbs, which are said to worsen the metabolism and even threaten to diabetes, if they are abused. Someone in their defence said that they supposedly useful during the drying and weight gain. These disputes, but we understand them have no desire to. Moreover, today there are products made from natural ingredients, contain no sugar and do not threaten any consequences for your «growing organism.

For example, Healthy ball candies contain no sugar and are a source of healthy energy. They are convenient «to throw» pre-workout — 407 kcal is enough for an hour workout, and still remain. So, the most part of healthy food is not as tasty as I would like, but it certainly does not apply to these sweets among the six different fillings you will surely find a delight for your taste buds.

2. Octa instead of Breakfast, lunch or dinner


Many have heard about «the food of the future» — the so-called solente. It is a powder that is filled with water and turns into a complete food with all necessary body of vitamins and minerals. The Creator of this product has even stated that traditional food consumption in the near future, be supplanted by his product. We are not going to argue with someone else’s ego, nor, especially, the immediate future. Manufacturers of beverage Octa such loud statements did not do, but their product is known as the «food of the future». For the future, as you know, we treat with irony and skepticism, but hearty and healthy snacks feel the weakness of this dissonance.

Drink Octa promises to be nutritious enough to replace a full meal and kill hunger for a long time. For this reason we can not say anything, because I did not try. But since in today’s article we write about food with natural ingredients, which you can quickly and tasty snack, I think that to have one additional option would be superfluous. Octa is already available in shops of Moscow and the start of online sales will start on December 14. If now pre-order on the website, the order will be doubled, so it’s time to do it.

3. Peanut butter BioGourmet — Breakfast of Champions


The pace of modern life is relentless and constantly gives all wings a kick. Often not time to eat thoroughly and intercept have on the fly. Someone handy to make sandwiches, someone prefers more light options — bread, for example, peanut butter. About him and talk.

It is clear that peanut butter is a product of popularized American cinema. And in Russia it is not very popular. But today we are talking only about delicious foods that help you quickly and, most importantly, useful to replenish energy stores. Therefore, peanut butter with the prefix «BIO», made for the American recipe, contains cane sugar, which, according to nutritionists, is more rich in minerals and vitamins than beet, and the chefs, in turn, confirmed his ability to set off taste of any product. And it’s not talking about the useful properties of the peanut. In short, if you like sweet, tasty and healthy snack, it should at least try.

Delivery service of healthy food

We told you about how tasty and healthy snack, but the objectives of the organization healthy food can be shifted to other shoulders. And even necessary, if you’re too lazy to count calories and choose the right products. It is very simple, using Smart Food.

The guys from Smart Food invented and brought to life the coolest idea, which is that you don’t have to stress about what you eat. To think and choose for you a suitable diet will be the professional chef and nutritionist. And that is to relieve you from the worries set food on the day you will deliver the courier at the right time and place. All you need is to define the goal you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to strengthen your health and bring the body back to normal, then choose the «Healthy body» — her diet is balanced and matched so that you feel quite fat for life, but the body is getting the nutrients and elements. The «rapid shape» will allow you to lose weight promptly. Well, since on the nose the New Year, you can use a special set of «SMART New Year» — 10 days, during which your body will be purified and will be back to normal, you will lose weight and your skin will begin to look healthy. So if you decide to press of Santa Claus, snow maiden, then this is what you need.

Eat delicious and healthy food you’ll be 6 times a day. Courier will deliver convenient containers that you can take with you anywhere, a personal Manager, which you will fix, will advise you on all questions and support for all programs. By the way, you can get a free consultation before use of the service, and if needed, you will prepare an individual diet according to your desires and physical activity.

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