3 hack that will improve your performance and life

Sitting behind a mountain of work or school responsibilities begin to notice how slowly going mad. Enough time, and eventually overload and overdose work begins to affect morale.

In 2017 you’re not supposed to do such mistakes. We need to work to live, not live to work. And will help you with that 3 legendary hack.

Should not be wasted on trivia

We live in a rich variety of events and activities worldwide. A lot of people, responsibilities, requirements, compulsory measures, which steal our attention and focus from what is most important to us. So we spend so much time on such silly things like work overtime, a distraction to silly information occasion is available, the failsafe using brazen friends and nowhere fallen options to earn extra money.

In fact, all these little things and noble impulses distract us from the actual, the primary task that must be completed and brought to an end. Our minds, as wonderful as it was not designed to focus on one job instead of several at once. Otherwise, the attention is blurred, and you’re neither there nor there. You’re somewhere in the middle and a little on both fronts of the struggle.

There are a few rules that will help you to meet:

— You must know what specific tasks you will perform in the near future (regardless of how much is: 30, 60 or 90 minutes), so at the end to evaluate your progress.

— Work in an atmosphere of minimalism. There is nothing around that could distract you from work. From the heart-better to get rid of before starting work.

— Let it be known to family, friends and colleagues that you in this period of time can not touch it. Sometimes not be amiss to turn off the phone and send very blunt fuck. Strangely enough, such methods only help.

Invigorating routine

They say that hate has become a routine and start to run automatically, you need to spend to assimilation 30 days, sometimes just through the power that it has become part of the habit. From the moment you Wake up, go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, almost everything you do on a daily basis, imposed to the person for decades. Also by force — not all saw the point in morning hygiene. But now the morning of the procedure seem to us to be immutable and unquestionable, like God’s commandments. If you work on your consciousness, it is possible in a very short time to get rid of bad habits and replace them with positive and useful.

For example, you want to start almost every morning with the refreshing and invigorating power and cadretraining. Any problems will be solved just because you took over his physical form. Rest days between workouts choose the so-called «active rest» where you can meditate using a process called creative visualization. This allows us to represent you, as your day will look like and make a plan of specific tasks. This will help to concentrate on those cases that require priority attention. The clarity that comes with regular practice, helps to make the correct accents.

Updated during the working day

Putting yourself next time, focus on today and the tasks that require priority implementation. But after that you should thoroughly relax from the Affairs of the righteous. Because clarity and understanding will never come in open-minded, clouded head. No wonder large companies, their especially valuable to young employees teach quite complex and beyond the other arts — alternate rest with intense work. If you alternate between these two opposites, it is possible significantly faster and more efficient to do any work. And most importantly without harm to themselves. For example, you work for 60-90 minutes, and then 15 minutes break, after which the process repeats. The whole day or week without interruption, but the work will become even more enjoyable. Studies have shown that the human mind is able to maintain a high level of attention for only two hours before need to charge. So to exceed this limit makes absolutely no sense. Try it — you’ll feel a superhero, because it will become in time much more.

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