3 great exercises to develop bigger biceps

Bicep for happiness is not so much, dude. This article contains exercises for a weekly workout that will literally blow up your biceps. In a good way, of course. Fine, you can add variety to your workout. Recommend to do three to four sets of 10 repetitions.

A press of a bar standing with a twist

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For this exercise you need a heavy bodybar, barbell or two dumbbells. Take the weight with a margin, set new records.

How it’s done

Stand with what you chose directly, feet on width of shoulders, palms up.

Do not swing the torso to help itself to raise the bar with momentum.

Keep your shoulders and elbows to the body and try to lift the barbell only muscle power (not swing, do not swing the torso). Simultaneously with the lifting rod say it, so that she was almost on the level of your jaw. On the inhale return the rod to its original position.

Experiment with larger weights.

The bench-press with twisting sitting

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Is almost exactly the same as the previous exercise.

Adjust the bench at an angle, so it was a bit less than 90 degrees is necessary for the greater convenience and wide range of motion. Elbows to the body. This exercise reduces stress on the shoulders, but it also increases her biceps. Do three to four sets of 6-10 repetitions.

Press the forearm to the body and keep them fixed during all iterations. Use the power of the muscles to slightly lift the barbell up to the chin level and slightly rolling it to yourself.

When performing this exercise with dumbbells slightly raise your arms to chest level, and then braid the brush itself. The procedure should be the following: raised brush with dumbbells (palms facing up), twisted brush with dumbbells themselves, held it there for a few seconds unwound their usual position and brought his hands back.

Bending rods on the Scott bench

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Slightly less common exercise. It can be done both while sitting and standing, relying on the Scott bench angle. Generally useful if you’re a Builder with experience or want to make a strong emphasis on your biceps, making it something of a relief. Increases the relief in the area of the elbow and drawing bizagi.

Grasp the barbell with your palms up. If it is difficult, you can ask a friend to help you. Put your hands so that your forearms were on the bench and was motionless. Use the strength in your muscles and lift the barbell straight up to the shoulders, slightly twisting it. Hold a little rod in this position as you slowly bring her back to original.

Don’t try to push the rod to it quickly soared up the chance of injury is very high. The longer you hold the rod at the point of the peak, the better for your muscles.

The first four workouts with these exercises can seem a real hell for your biceps. But after you get used to it and it is good to strengthen you.

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