3 great cocktails with rum

Summer is a great reason to return to the sea drink of all times and peoples, which is rum. It was drunk by pirates, it was drunk sailors. Drinking not just as a mandatory (albeit diluting with water) because everyone wanted to be healthy on the sea, and the rum helped to keep the body in good shape, protected from the cold. We love rum, we love to drink it not only completely, but in a variety of cocktails, for example.

1. The darkness and the storm

Work.com.ua_2.06.2016_EXuQfwKd5I9HYA very simple cocktail, which long ago became a classic, but you’ll have to get some ginger beer, but it’s not a problem. Great drink for hot days.


– 4 parts ginger ale;

– 2 parts dark rum;

lots of ice;

– a slice of lime.


1. Take a highball glass and put ice.

2. Pour first the rum, then ginger beer.

3. Stir bar spoon and decorate with lime.

2. Rum punch

Hold.kom.ua_2.06.2016_jVy2F4oa4zlejJuicy, refreshingly, a piano and summery! If there is an option to squeeze fresh juice, then action. If this option is not present, take packaged.


– 2 parts orange juice;

– 2 parts of pineapple juice;

– 2 parts rum;

and lots of ice.


1. Take the shaker, cooled it and fall asleep there ice.

2. Pour it in rum, orange juice and pineapple juice. Well whisk.

3. Pour into glasses, add a couple ice cubes and enjoy the drink.

3. Coconut rum

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2016_CCjzfEufovaUnA little tropical pleasure in the selection. Coconut water is easier to buy separately, sold in bottles such. But much nicer to get at the supermarket some fresh fruit from the trees and smash them with a hammer (by the way, you can simply corkscrew to make the holes, though). In General, take coconut water, where I want, shake it turns out cool.


– 2 parts rum;

– 4 parts coconut water;

– a couple of ice cubes.


1. Fill ice in a highball glass.

2. Pour in the rum and coconut water.

3. Stir well, insert a straw and SIP throughout the day.

Bon appetit and don’t get too drunk!