3 fun browser games

What is the advantage of browser games over the ordinary? The answer is simple, as the passage on the «newbie»: you don’t have to have large reserves of free space on the hard disk. All you need is the Internet and hands. Let the game ugly and doesn’t look like the latest «Witcher», but in the games main story and the atmosphere. This, as well as its constituent ruggedness conquer browser game. We selected the most serious representatives of the genre, so you will have an understanding of whom you can navigate in the deep games from Internet.

Dragon Hunter

Solidarity, brotherhood, fellowship and fascinating world – are just some of the side effects of the game Dragon Hunter in the best sense of the word. While you’re trying to win the favor of the inhabitants of the ancient city Midstone and earn money in duels, there will be an environment healthy and friendly competition, no jokes about my mom.

At first glance the game is not anything revolutionary but only at first glance. Fight with other players, prokachivaya, develop and become the best. Of course, walk around the map and look for enemies – the path of a true warrior, but this gameplay can quickly get bored. In this case, for a refreshing diversity take the quest from the locals and earn a reputation as a drawing NPCs and companions-in-arms.

However, don’t make a game for graceful duel intelligent people, the more it is not playing. The cruelty of it to spare, enough for a dozen wars. In the end, you can form a RAID and go watering the goats from the neighboring farm.

Besides, in the game you need to think about the economy, otherwise there will be no clan castle, no personal homes. So from time to time have to carry out raids on someone else’s property, exposing looting and lawlessness.

But the best part of the game is, of course, the opportunity to earn. But not coins or crystals, skladyvayetsya except that in the upper right corner of the screen, and real live money. The system has been tried and get rich the old-timers game. And you’ll finally be able to realize his dream – to earn money playing computer. This is the first browser-based MMORPG, where comfort is the gameplay and the opportunity to earn good money on your character.

Everyone can earn here, just brace yourself and enter the contest. Don’t worry, it’s smart and fair, but because you do not send immediately at the mercy of the bloodthirsty player Lvl 88. The game is designed so that the higher the level, the higher the stakes and stronger player.

So, we advise you to plunge into the vast game world among browser games, go for one of the more than 20 branches of development and become a real hunter dragons.

«Star Federation»

But someone like MMORPG, and some people prefer more strategy. However, in our pampered age even browser games do not suffer hack-work might seem boring and monotonous carnage two like each other races. In fact, the century before last! Now the strategy should come as no surprise as the scale, and the branches of development where you can become not only a militaristic dictatorship, but in a desperate Confederation of shopkeepers.

In the game «Star Federation» you have a choice. 8 races, each with their cons and pros. Someone good in the art of war, someone to trade, someone — in the extraction of resources, some in science, and someone who makes missiles, covers the Yenisei and in the field of ballet ahead of the entire Galaxy.

But they all share a striking talent for colonization of other planets. However, the developers thought out every nuance, so if your faction used to breathing hydrogen sulfide, have to spend considerably more on special conditions to survive on an oxygen planet.

The game is not communicating, on the contrary, requires a significant intellectual effort. In the game you need a lot of to count, to consider, to plan. Although any strategy, it would seem that this should be different, but there is a level above the standard.

The most difficult and most interesting in the game is the economy, and to be more precise, its fascinating diversity. Only fuel for ships and power plants use 3 types, and there are 19 types of extracted resources, which are 13 kinds of materials. Most of the resources produced on planets and asteroids, but there are unique, they are the only asteroids or are produced only on space stations.

But, as in any normal strategy, the main highlight of the cake variety is the «military action». Here is not the principle «the more, the worse». Each parameter, including the engine on the ship (all of these things more than 50), you can pump. But in conditions when the success wants to fight himself not very good, come to the aid of the old diplomacy. The game has 8 types of contracts that allow to trade relations, to fight, to share hyperwrite, etc. And then try for science. Without it in any way in this game.

Woven from the nuances and subtleties of the game will not tolerate fans Zerg Rush. Such simply devour in the beginning. But the fans thanksplease in the style of Rome Toal War and space exploration it is strongly recommended to stick to it for another year.

«The edge of reality»

The above games are very good indeed, but the market recently. Therefore sin is not to remember the veterans of the genre. «Spring» of this game – «the edge of reality» – came in the heyday of the genre, but while the former competitors have failed and were forgotten, they survived, survived all its competitors and, most importantly, don’t want to stop there, because the envious young people breathing down my neck.

To the question, what is the secret of the survivability of the game, the authors say: «we Have a very unusual project.» How is the player to decide. But definitely enjoy the atmosphere of the game and try yourself in the field of the legendarium «facets of reality» is highly recommended.

If we talk about features, perhaps the most important is the ability to try yourself in different roles: military and civilian. Advanced system fights between players and monsters, a very advanced component of peace. It is very convenient for players who due to life somatic can’t spend all my time on active games. And to develop a character because you want. So, while your product produces jewels, cuts trees and takes one of the many professions in the game, pumping skills, you can safely go about their business. And everyone is busy, and everyone is happy. Almost like a legendary Fable, but with minor differences.

The game is totally devoid of causality, so accustomed to monotonous pumping and monotony of the player here will be difficult. It requires to understand the mechanics and formulas of the game and solve the problem. But, on the other hand, is a pleasure to build a virtual life in the community, whose IQ is significantly above the level of visitors to the public «the Princess is all like in a fairy tale».

Like many games of this type, this is based on the chat. This communication creates the unique atmosphere of comfort around the community. Over the years this chat was created families and strong friendships unions, was financial contracts and bought connections, so this is your chance. Fools do not stay here.

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