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Going to a tourist trip or an ordinary walk in the dark — take these gadgets that will be extremely helpful for your tired eyes. Depending on the needs and goals you can choose the most suitable one for you, and at such a reasonable price, it is possible to buy everything at once and then sort out what’s what.

The main SFL flashlight-HL-7L


A great combination of light weight and powerful brightness low cost. Essential item for Hiking when you need extra coverage, or just your hands. Such a lamp is useful not only for tourists but also for bookworms who want to read a book in the dark, with no other additional light sources. Easy switching of modes (4), emergency twinkling mode 7 LEDs increased light output is far not all advantages of the gadget. Work without replacement of LEDs is 100,000 hours. The case is made of high quality lightweight plastic and is resistant to shocks and moisture. Powered by three AAA batteries.

Approximate price — 200 rubles.

Bicycle flashlight SFL-BL-1LW


A great gadget for your two-wheeled friend, who surely will serve you in conditions of moderate city driving. A good form of spot light: illuminates not only strip in front of him, but a sector of about 45 degrees, reflected light. Durable metal casing has protection against moisture. Quickly removed from the mount, it can also be used as an ordinary hand lamp. The device is equipped with one led that runs up to 100 hours. in standalone mode from three AAA batteries. Price of the device is about 400 g.

Flashlight SFL Supra-LTR-15L


Flashlight SFL Supra-LTR-15L is ideal to light up a camp and feel comfortable in the surrounding darkness. Has two modes: all 15 LEDs and the mode «night light». Made of durable material that is resistant to moisture. Able to work up to seven hours without recharging. The lantern has a hook for hanging, frosted white glass, and light weight. Approximate price — from 300 rubles.

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