3 exercises to become really strong

Strongmen of the past were built like real cars. They had a solid muscle mass and great strength — and this despite the fact that no steroids at that time, of course, did not exist.

The most important thing for them was the power, the looks were secondary for them. These harsh men focused on the fact that developing strength of the legs, back and grip, using basic movements, compound exercises. They increased the size of their shoulders, arms and chest the same exercises.

You can imagine that the athlete Ivan Poddubny of bent over backwards to form a V-shaped torso? He had a strong back and a strong press, he could beat anyone without using the new-fangled exercise program.

In our days everything is different. A large part of training with weights, which are popular in modern gyms, focus on the development of the relief. We, modern people, focusing on aesthetics: on the relief biceps, abs, broad chest and all that jazz. It is impossible to imagine in the XXI century the outstanding athlete who absolutely did not care to form his body.

Why the value of the power transported is not appearance. Perhaps the reason — a large number of bodybuilders on the covers of magazines.

As for me, when it comes to the profit stay in the gym, bodybuilding has almost no value. I’m more interested in power itself. In fact, most of my training is old school exercises on force.

I want to share with you what I think the best exercises at developing strength. These exercises will help you develop a strong body and impressive grip.

1. Lifting weight over your head

Without a doubt, one of the best exercises for strength is lifting a heavy object from the floor over his head. It can be anything: a stone, a beer keg, barbell, dumbbells, a small keg with water or sand — this should be the subject to raise that over your head really hard. To raise something, you need to use virtually the entire musculature of the body from feet to hands. If you have a weak back, the object will be difficult to lift off the ground. If you have weak feet, they will shudder when you try to lift the object over your head. If your mind is weak, you may have problems at each stage.

The best thing in this exercise is that you start from a sitting position and gradually rises to his feet. This method of lifting requires more talent and athleticism than the seated variation.

lifting weight over your head

I often do this exercise with a log. A log is the power. It develops strength and grip. The keg is also a good thing because kegs unstable. Keep the barbell and dumbbell easily, and in kegs dynamic center of gravity, which ought to be guided.

lifting weight over your head

2. Lifting and moving objects

It’s one thing to lift something heavy from the ground. Another thing is to gather all your forces and move from place to place.

That’s the difference between powerlifters and strongmen. In powerlifting doing bench press, deadlift and squats. Athletes lift weight to it in these three disciplines, it’s all about lifting and lowering. In the competition for power, it is necessary to lift the weight and move it somewhere. What to transfer? Stones, sandbags, etc. Often do it at speed. In these competitions you have to be very strong to be able to move the load.

lifting and moving objects

Carry heavy objects and lift them over your head, it is necessary, utilizing all the muscles of the body. With every step a shiver runs up through the body, and you need to be even more stable, to pass your way. You have to be strong and stable joints, not to lose balance, to maintain breathing and to keep the load. Transporting items is a great way to pump power, it is possible to do both in the gym and in the field or home. The important thing here is not where it is done, and what is generally done.

transfer of the kegs

To carry a keg is a real challenge, not only because you have to pick her up, but because her need to move. And it rests on the diaphragm, and this becomes difficult to breathe.

3. Flexible metal

This is probably the most enjoyable way to develop strength. The strength and enthusiasm — those are the things that help people to bend nails, bolts, wrenches, horseshoes, and everything else for many years. To train on these subjects is popular because it is much more convenient than lug the large and heavy things.

In General, when you bend metal, it is very important to protect yourself from injury, using a special coating for all of the subject that you bend. Usually this role is suitable towel, suede, or leather. This is extremely important because your hands are applying pressure on the edge of the object. If the metal there will be no coverage, dramatically increases the risk of injury, especially puncture or incision. In addition, without the protection of the hands will be harder, and therefore will be harder to bend the object.

Obviously, there are limitations: if the coating is too thick, it may overly simplify the task that we do not want to.

There are two main ways of bending iron. The first is when you bend it through the hip, knee or leaning on any other part of your body. If you bend long pieces: steel rods, for example, thick objects like pokers or something particularly difficult (pans), it is a necessary way (why stick to pans? But they say it happens). The other way is to bend the object, holding it by the ends and more on the strength of the hands and elbows.

To bend, you need to lean intensely on this subject. We need to focus on it one hundred percent, otherwise wait for success is not necessary.

flexible metal

How did you know that there are many ways to stick to iron objects. It should be remembered that for flexible short subjects not only force grip, but also a large part of the trunk and the press, which provide the necessary tension through the hands is transmitted to the subject. Increasing the voltage increases your ability to bend the subject and at the same time makes it more safe pastime, since your hands can’t slip off the object (thus reducing the risk of injury).

flexible metal

It is possible to train even in these strange ways, not only using shells from the gym. Bodybuilding is quite good and commendable, but weight training can be just as effective and even more beneficial for the body. What good are training so that you become stronger and this strength you can show real cases.

flexible metal