3 Eastern philosophy for those who can’t live a normal life

Each of those that live on the earth, even militant atheist, you need to read the Scripture and acquainted with the canons of the world’s largest religions. But not to run and scream, read tales you don’t like, and you found 567943 argument why there is no God, and in order to understand the believers and the world. In the end, world culture was based on religious basis. Well, among other things, this is a good philosophical works, from which to draw adequate and wise thoughts. What’s the difference who wrote them, if they are wise?But the world is full of religions a smaller scale, and if you listen to all every real. We took three of the most interesting religions of the East because the East is itself a big mystery, not very clear even to the Russian mind. We did not take such great religions as Islam and Hinduism, and took the ones that are more like philosophical approved by Pelevin, Seagal, and many others, so you soon became in harmony with the world.


manygoodtips.com_3.10.2016_rej0Z9FZT9Vi8Based on what:

The ancient philosophical teachings of China, which tries to explain the basics of building and existence of the world and find the path that should follow the people, nature and the cosmos. And there was a path that encourages the person to remain in reflection and are constantly thinking about yourself and something external. Do not think that it will lead you to heaven, because there is nowhere to go. You just live in harmony with nature and not in a hurry. As the saying goes:

Perfect swimmer becomes part of the river, it is the wave itself, how could the river to destroy the wave?Important in Taoism is the Tao — a powerful, almost magical force from which it originates and the basis of the existence potency. As the force in Star wars, only cooler. It is believed that this invisible, inaudible, almost imperceptible permeates all things. Man walking to Tao, as it merges with everything, and works in harmony with the world.

There is another implementation of the Dao in man. In fact all the dirty work makes Where for the benefit of the Tao. But to cognize Tao and Te can be obtained only in full compliance with the laws of Taoism. In the ancient texts refers to the obedience to the Emperor, but in the era of democracy and freedom of choice such nuances are omitted.

About all that can be read in the founder of the flow — Lao Tzu in his «Daisen and Dassin».Main points:

The world is too much coercion, unnatural and just different crazy stuff that comes from our stupid actions and zvukopodrazhanii. So sometimes it’s nice to stop, sit down, and contemplate how different crow eats crow. Dao, according to Lao-Tzu, too, does nothing and therefore controls everything, and Tao is the force.

This does not mean that you need to lay down and wait for the sea weather. Talking about how to «do» and allow things to happen themselves. You breathe automatically, but if you intervene in the process, it is unlikely to breathe better, rather the contrary. In short, do not bother what is going to happen, and take your time. This leads to the bad things that make it difficult to understand Tao.

Remember the turtle «Kung fu Panda» whose inaction allowed him to knock out an enemy with a snap of his fingers.

Everything in the world is interconnected, there’s not one thing or one phenomenon that would not be interrelated with other things and phenomena. You cut the tree affected the ecology that has made you a new disease.

And finally a little bit unpleasant for most people things. To be happy and to know the truth, you need to give up your desires and passions. We need to give each other.

Well, what’s philosophy without a parable, relevant to all young men:

One young man came to Yang Chu and said:

— My parents want me to succeed in life. Should I obey the will of their parents?

Yang Chu answered:

— Let’s assume that you lived to old age. A quarter of your life as your childhood, when you were too young to achieve success. And I have to spend another quarter of their lives in old age, when you are not strong enough to succeed. A third of your life you spend sleeping when you’re not doing anything. When you awake, we have to spend time for rest and food. Sometimes you get sick. Therefore, to achieve success there is very little time.

— Maybe I should chase pleasures? Eat delicious food, wear silk, surround yourself with beautiful women?

— Then you’ll be all the time look for sources of income, and the fun you’ll have very little time.

So I have win high reputation?

If you’re chasing after reputation, it becomes a slave to those people the respect they wish to achieve. You’re going to do what they want to see.

— What I seek?

— Your goal is to become aimlessness.


Based on what:

In canned and terribly traditional Country of the Rising Sun do not know when appeared their ethnic religion. There she is still in the stone age as the worship of various spirits and deities. But don’t jump to conclusions: here, everything is much more complicated than simple paganism. They manage simultaneously to honor our ancestors and to claim that a personal God is, every blade of grass, grains of sand, stamens and Bush. The main spiritual principle of Shinto is to live in harmony with nature and people. According to the beliefs of Shinto, the world is one natural environment where deities and spirits, people and the souls of the dead live there.

manygoodtips.com_3.10.2016_1Spc00rUAm2W7Main points:

They have no commandments. Honestly, no. And this is despite the presence of such a large Pantheon of various entities and spirits. There were no preachers, the founder, who could work out the rules, so there was no one to develop these rules. And the Holy books like «Kojiki», «Nihongo» and «Kojiki» are not a set of commandments like the Bible or the Koran, but rather a historical reference. The only explicit dogma is that there is no absolutely bad or absolutely good actions.

Simply put, here’s the actions that should be avoided, if possible — good. It does not — bad. But this does not mean that you can kill, steal, stab and strangle — on the contrary, everything is much more complicated. They do not know how simple.

Below you engrossed in the Japanese Pantheon, try to act sincere, open heart, and be good because the Japanese in this case a separate thing.

Virtue is recognized compassion for others, respect for elders and position. Japan has always valued the ability to live in harmony with society, so if you get to live in harmony with society, to be friendly, and somehow manage to love you scum — that you are the most chaste of men. Perhaps that is why the Japanese are so patient.But the intolerance, anger, drunken revelry, music after 11 PM and everything else that bothers other people, is already causing outrage among the spirits. As you can see, this is the perfect philosophy for coexistence in society, and all of us would do well to take it on Board.


manygoodtips.com_3.10.2016_dL9Vfj3NZGcMPBased on what:

Sufism is also called «the pure essence of all religions», claiming that he existed always, changed only its appearance in accordance with the particular cultural-historical environment. The Sufis claim that their religion is not inclined to any religion, but the fact remains — she was born in the bosom of Islam, and they are not devoid of certain rituals and inherent traits.

A strong commitment to ethical integrity Sufis call themselves the Knights of Purity and those who love the Truth and moves to Perfection.

The Sufis teach that only through knowing its true essence one can attain direct perception of God and gaining unity with It. Simply put, your consciousness merges with the divine.

The Sufis teach that only through knowing its true essence one can attain direct perception of God and gaining unity with It. Simply put, your consciousness merges with the divine.The basis of Sufism, as in other religions, is the love of God, but I wonder how this love is manifested.

1. Develop a love of all things beautiful and harmonious in the world. That you harmoniously — is another question.

2. An active and sacrificial service to the people. A thankless task, but will be counted.

And you need to love everything and everyone. If you make the difference — you will doubt, and you’re not a spiritual person, and so, to stick a clown.

And finally, a parable that will teach you not to criticize movies before you saw them:

To the teahouse became a monk and said:

— My teacher told me to inform people of what mankind until then will not reach perfection until people felt the injustice will not be as intolerant to treat it, as those who actually felt it.

These words for a moment struck all present. Then Nasreddin said:

— My teacher told me that no one should be intolerant of anything until then, until it is satisfied that the alleged injustice really is an injustice, not a blessing in disguise!

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