3 common misconceptions about startups

manygoodtips.com_21.07.2014_Z0qkTIAcoUbjy«Startup» is a buzzword managed to charm a whole layer of young perspective seeking how to write on banner ads, the «work and earn». By itself, the desire of this kind — is commendable, however, the vast majority eager to know about the start of Wikipedia, and I have no idea what I signed up for.

1. Money

90% of startups fail. Only 10% of them are able to function normally, without leaving thus in a deep minus.

And with such statistics you’re going to become a billionaire? No, of course, theoretically, the chance of success you have. But, dude, we’re not talking about theory but about practice. You would not go broke in the first year, what there are millions.

No need to start a business because you want to grab more dough. Start it because you’re a childhood dream to do/you have a unique idea, and you want to show the world that it works and so on. And wait till you look at the yachts.

2. Working day

There is a perception that the everyday life of the entrepreneur is made of pleasure and bliss. He’s just a couple of times at the very beginning clicks on the magic button under the title «to same-working» and enjoying life.

Probably, organizing your business, you don’t have to stay in the office and listen to the orders of the chief of his Department. But trust me, at a certain stage of development of your startup you will want to come to some kind of The General Manager and made the decision for you.

In addition, to replace the standard five-day week will come the «flexible schedule». And it will be so flexible that working day will smoothly flow on a working night, and then did all the days and nights merge into one stream of phone calls and business correspondence. About the weekend can actually forget.

No, you won’t work less than self-employed. You will work more, much more, you’ll make decisions, take responsibility and, perhaps, your efforts will be rewarded. Or may not be. Given the statistics (see above) — most likely will not.

3. Silicon valley = success

Do you think that once you’re in Silicon valley, people immediately start throwing money at you in batches? As it is not so. You don’t think that arriving in Hollywood, you don’t know it, will grab the Oscar? Point on the map, as well as your determination and belief in yourself does not solve anything. They can help or may not help (your confidence turn into complacency, and in Silicon valley you crush competitors).

Moreover, there is no guarantee that having a great idea, well implemented it is constantly evolving and so on, you will succeed. There are many side factors that can play against you, as well as cloud capabilities to puncture. And blame you have only yourself.

So you don’t accuse us of decadence, we consider it necessary to warn: the moral of this fable is not that you shouldn’t even try, and that you should know what you’re doing. And, of course, to be ready not only to gold mountains, but also to the difficulties.

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