3 best and 3 worst ways to meet a girl on the beach

like to meet you on the beach

While the holiday season is still not over, we rush to your aid, our beach bro! Roam the beach in search of the special techniques of flirting? Try to hit on her in three ways, we come up with, at the same time test our competence. But the other three better avoid in order not to be trapped. In General, do your beach day.

So, how to do it:

1. Flirt with the whole body

like to meet you on the beach

The body is one of the most powerful tools of flirting, especially if we’re at the beach. How to flirt? Unleash the kind of macho, straighten up, take a strong position. Pay attention to facial expressions. Passing by, smile, give a relaxed and cool look. Move so that it starts to move in your direction and speak — this is your concern.

2. Compliments and touches

like to meet you on the beach

Sorry, dude, you have not only to serve the non-verbal signals, but also to begin a verbal interaction, that is, to talk to her. And even touch. Let a small compliment: the hair, the leotard, the name (even that counts!). It is important that the waves are not drowned out your words! Speak clearly and distinctly: the beach is always quite noisy. Touch — your main weapon, on the beach not to touch a girl is a sin! Can pretend it was an accident, put her back sunscreen or give her a towel. Let the calls for help and do not hesitate. And you do not hesitate to offer assistance! So you can still compliment her skin, even if it resembles a crocodile.

3. Offer hot girl cold drink


How do you take it? You’re cool. Can put in the bag in the refrigerator for a beer or some of the original cocktail, and along the ice. A cold drink will melt the icy heart of any beach beauties. For her there is nothing better than a hot guy with icy Pinot-coladas in his hand, which he hands to her with a smile.

What not to do?

1. Do not approach her too quickly


Sand sticks to sunscreen, and you don’t benefit if you stretch out her drink with a hand that likely once belonged to a mummy. Adhering to the legs and the belly, the sand is not sexy. So you will show her very impulsive and impatient. Remember that you are in a very specific place.

2. It generally can be talk?

dude on the beach

If you see her lying on a towel one, it could mean that her friend’s surfing the waves. Yeah, she looks lonely and bored, but it might not be your case. You don’t want some guy snitched on you in a melon right on the beach? Look, who owns a second towel if you’re going to meet her. See if there beside her empty lounger. If there is nestoris.

3. It’s too many questions at once


Girls don’t really like it when some hell with the beach directly asks a lot of questions. Get to know her a little first, and then ask. If you bump into her drunk or with a full large bottle in his hand, this will put you on the cross. If you want to meet a girl on the beach, drink less. Think about how to start a conversation, and not delay: on the beach the girl probably will think you’re a pervert, and most of barconet you if you’re not quite quick enough.

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