3 basic types of SMS perepiski girls

SMS correspondence is such a popular topic that I’m about to write a book about it. Today we will tell you about the three main scenarios, which usually develops correspondence with friends. She’s not answering you? She answers, but doesn’t want to date? How to know if she wants to see you? We understand this together.

1. She’s not answering your texts

The first step is to take a deep breath, don’t worry

If you can force yourself not to worry, you will be much easier. It’s in the first place. Now let’s think about this. You always immediately answer her texts? There is no way that you’re in the shower or have a drink with your dudes? Or sleep? Or work?

And still such moment: didn’t it happen to you that you stopped responding to the girl on the phone, because he lost interest? Of course, it happened. Maybe she returned to her ex and she forgot to think about you. You need to worry about it? Nope. The more you think about it and psych yourself out, the more you get nervous and psych yourself out — but nothing more happens.

Such is the nature of girls who pose as unavailable when they are actually available.

If she’s busy, she will answer you later and explain what was the matter. If that seems like a lie, tell her he was, only two days later. In the end, if she always behaves and even already canceled the date, wait three days and try your fortune again. If you pass it again, just say, «Okay, let me know when you have more time.»

When you say it, you can assume that it’s over. Get used to that idea and pay attention to other women.

With me a thousand times sometimes it happens that even after three weeks friend, on which I have put a cross, have been announced in three weeks. If it appears after such a long time, it means that she definitely wants you to date. And she agrees, you can take my word.

An example conversation in this case:

She: Hi! How are you?

You: Hi! I haven’t had a… I just think of something to do tonight.

She: don’t want to drink?

You: Of Course! I live there-and there. We could have a drink here and then go somewhere else.

If she doesn’t like, ignore it and continue to talk about plans for the evening. If another offer does not approve, she will continue to wait and not getting it, asks:

She: Well?

You: I am still at home and wait for another hour, and then I’m leaving.

And then just wait and see what happens. It is usually configured to accept, but not confident because you haven’t spoken in three weeks and in the end she thinks, «Okay, I’ll come.» You were ready three weeks ago, so it is in any case of wines for you.

She doesn’t want to date, but continues to text …

You decided to walk with friends and invite her:

You: Hi! Today I’m going to [place] with my friends, we celebrate the [event], come, be cool.

She: Oh, I’m not in the mood [other excuses].

You: Well, first we will drink from me, so think you have time.

On this and finish. It will not solve anything, but wait for an hour (take a shower) and then write you.

She: Well, what is it?

You still drink at home. You have time to get ready, and then I’ll meet you at [place].

Now she hesitates: should I leave? Or not worth it? What to do? A lot of people reply «OK, but I need half an hour.» Then say, «Okay, I’ll see you at [time]».

Another scenario:

She: [more excuses].

You: 45 minutes.

This works in the case when it excuses the ridiculous and useless like «I have to go to a lot of funerals». Usually after she starts to fence something like that, it becomes clear that she’s just not in the mood. But because this tactic works well to bring her to her senses. However, some friends can just explode from such pressure, but in this case, a small loss will survive.

How to know if she wants to see you

So you sit at home and just texting the girlfriend to stay in touch with her. You didn’t plan any dates, but still something you have itchy. So you talk, talk, and then she asks, «What are you doing?»

If the case tonight, say that you’re with someone. Even if you don’t have anyone, she still doesn’t know. It is, for example, someone drinking at a bar, you drink at home with friends. You’re joking, she laughs, you laugh — and the end. And then she is going home and writes you a very interesting message:

She: What are you doing now?Note: Always pay attention, if she writes you a SMS, when you already know what you’re doing. Always be careful and think why she wrote it.

Sometimes you’re so happy writing: «Waiting for you» — and it is too early, and you fail.

And sometimes it is just what it should be. So, you can answer:

You: Escorted friends and now fighting with the last bottle of beer.

If she will, she will somehow hint to you:

She: do You drink it alone, poor thing?

It is obvious that once all your friends are gone, you’re left alone, but she just doesn’t ask you! Now is the time to act!

You: So, wanna join? Or: wouldn’t mind company.

If you miss those hints, the game is over. But if she is focused, she asks you: «do you mind if I join you?» Op!

It should also be noted that with such friends relationship is better not to start.

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