27 tips for your 27-year-old

manygoodtips.com_17.03.2015_Ns7nrju6AdzylWe will stay without work, if you stop to teach you life. 27 years is a good age. Most likely, the majority of left behind, you have a clear system of priorities and the prevailing view in almost every issue. But nevertheless we have, as always, is what you recall.


You can’t just sit and wait when happiness will fall on your head. If you have a dream, you’re the only person who can help her to be. In other words, don’t wait call call myself.


As corny as it sounds, but you will find a large and bright feeling when you least expect it. Around the same time as you stop looking for him around the city with matches, flashlights and flashing lights. Parting, even with the «greatest love» of your life, is a painful but invaluable experience which will show that you really care about that in the future will be valued, and that is strictly suppressed.


You learn who your real friends are when the going gets tough. Some may convince you that in difficult moments of life’s adversities you can rely on their help, but able to disappear without a trace when you need them. Real friends are those who will stand beside you when the world around you crumbles. They’ll be there when the dust settles, will help to clean up the ruins and start building again.


The older you get, the more I appreciate a quiet holiday. Five years ago you could steam after University to run a part-time job, and after down earned at the bar. Now you spend your free time at the gym, Hobbies, girlfriend, family. Ultimately, to be alone with themselves it becomes quite a difficult task. So, when I get the opportunity, you rocked the show, movie, book, or game, unplug the phone and enjoy a welcome lull.


The excitement will not lead you to success. Dude, there is no such thing as a no-win situation (except for nuclear war or the collision of Earth with an asteroid). Some cases are beyond your control and your spent nerves and torn hair out of your ass does not change the result of the situation. Calm down and think rationally.


Never let them take you on the neck or treated leniently. If someone is trying to «put you in your place» and this person does not play an important role in your life, his cross out of the circle without hesitation.


You are your own worst enemy and number one critic. «I’m not good enough for this» – as a deadly poison to your productivity. So if you think you suck, you suck. If you think you’re talented, you’re right again. You’re better than you think. Also half the things you think people say about you, really only what you yourself think about yourself.


Don’t talk and don’t gossip behind others. Only cowards do that. If you have something to say or don’t like something, old enough to say it in person. Also beware of becoming passive-aggressive chicken, cluck their complaints through social media.


Be careful in choosing those who can be trusted. Too many people around that can use your words against you, but much later. Unfortunately, it’s not paranoia, but reality, based on life experience.


Never wait until tomorrow. Your «tomorrow» becomes «next week» «next month» and then «next year». Live life like there’s no tomorrow, and you will succeed today.


Stay modest. No matter how successful you are, there is always someone who will come on your toes and snap my nose. Life has a great sense of humor and especially likes to kick the ass of those who feels very confident and comfortable.


Happiness is not what is on the end of the rainbow or the end point of your goal, it’s something that can happen right now, in this moment. Strive for more, do yourself and be grateful for what you have today.


Be reliable. Be a man, whose words with deeds, and not wasted. Can I count on you? Or are you one of those assholes who cancel arrangements at the last moment? We hope that among our readers there are no such people.


If you weren’t invited to the party, arrange your own, with blackjack and hookers. Dude, every time when things don’t go according to plan, make greater efforts. In other words, if someone closes a door, go out the window. If that doesn’t work, build your own damn house.


Don’t do actions, just to prove to someone that they are wrong. Start your journey with awareness of the value of the goal is for you. Live your dream, not others dream.


Don’t brag about it. By and large, on your achievements nobody cares except the people closest to you. The rest only shows your insecurity in yourself, if you’re looking for praise, approval and dream of being more significant than it really is.


Failure is the opportunity to learn. Some of the greatest triumphs grew out of the greatest tragedies. In the end you will understand it.


Help others. Believe me, even among your friends there are many people who need help. And you have the opportunity this to provide assistance, whether it be time, money or personal resources.


If you do not agree with what is going on around you, speak out. Otherwise, negative emotions will begin to accumulate for you like the dirty dishes in the sink, and one day everything will fall out, crashing with a huge Bang. Believe me, when the damage is too large and it will have a long time to recover.


Learn to admit their mistakes. You’re old enough to realize his guilt and ask for forgiveness. So, if you’re fucked up, please fix it.


Never sorry. Good or bad is part of you and part of your historical history. Your mistakes and victories made you the way you are now.


Be a gentleman. Yield to the elderly and pregnant women elderly children the goddamn place. Open the door in front of a lady and help her with the coats and don’t swear in front of her. At first it will be enough.


Live in the present. You can’t change the past, can’t predict the future. Change regret and dreams for decisive action at this moment.


Regularly delay a portion of their salary into a savings account.


Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the concerts of your favorite artists.


Finish what you started.


Be yourself, don’t let society, the media or people dictate what you patterns, standards and clichés. That’s all.

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