2600 dollars on a giant banana with dreadlocks


Of course, the children should be proud of their parents, and parents should be proud. But what if your dad wanted to make you feel good and command respect, but it turned out kind of crap?

At the fair in Manchester, in new Hampshire, one man named Henry Gribbohm (Henry Gribbohm) 30 years of age want to please their children a console x-box. Common, dude was determined to win it for my kids. The essence of the game was even throwing in a large bowl of balls, it was necessary to throw a certain number. Every attempt was worth the money. First lost Henry $ 300 (very significant, considering that the x-box with kinect in England is 100). Then the man returned home, collected all their savings and lost another 2300. All you have managed to calculate our guy lost 2600 dollars. Fabulous motherfucker.

Naturally, Henry has accused the organizers of the attraction of fraud. Those were good guys and gave him back $ 600… and a giant banana with dreadlocks.

CollegeHumor — the Comedy website has decided to cash in on the disaster this guy and had a contest. The bottom line is this: if you live with this proposal gaining 26 thousand likes, the guys from the site purchase the banana with dreads for $ 2600, if 30 thousand — presented Henry with the money and even Xbox.

Now there are almost 40 thousand likes. Wait!

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