25 ways to prepare your immune system for winter

manygoodtips.com_24.11.2014_vGhf0UQIpoCFdIf you suddenly woke up and realized that the street really began to become cold, you probably thought about how to temper your body. You need a very strong immune system this year, and to make it very tasty and healthy food, which we now describe.

In the pursuit of a strong immune system you not necessarily (but preferably) to resort to physical stress. First and foremost, all the work will fall on the stomach. So, you’re too lazy to cook it, besides you don’t know where to get half the products listed below, so give it to a friend. You will have a variety of meals, no time to get bored for the whole winter, and she has great songs that are not ashamed to spread in instagram.

1. White Bean Dip


It’s kind of a mushy mixture, the main ingredient is canned white beans. In Russia it is not a very common dish but nevertheless you can find a suitable recipe in the Internet.

2. Beet hummus


Increase the useful properties of the hummus – add beets. Beets contain nutrients that are responsible for immune support including vitamin C, folic acid, manganese and iron.

3. Roasted almonds with thyme


In almond has vitamin E which stimulates the immune system. In combination with thyme the body it acts as a natural antiseptic.

4. Bruschetta with olives


Olives contain a lot of fatty acids, which helps the proliferation of cells, maintain the immune system.

5. Chicken in a pot


Chicken is a protein. Protein is the building material for the body and the immune system.

6. Frozen orange juice


Oranges can boast a large number of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system.

7. Anything stuffed with vegetables


Vegetables remove toxins from the body, so you can even stuff veggies vegetables – your body will only thank.

8. Grilled salmon with tomatoes and Basil


Salmon contains vitamin D – a nutrient that produces immune cells, which appeared to kill bacteria and viruses.

9. Smoothie greens


We can’t promise it will taste delicious, but this drink is incredibly useful, because green is a source of vitamins a and C as well as protein, fiber and calcium.

10. Pudding with mango


Mango contains carotenoids that turn into vitamin a – a nutrient that helps regulate the immune system.

11. Cake with raspberries


Raspberries are rich in protein, vitamins E, C, A and K, which help improve the immune system.

12. Pudding with walnuts


Try the pudding with walnuts, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E.

13. Baked apples with dried fruit and nuts


Combining two super foods, apples and walnuts make this dessert the perfect remedy for fighting colds.

14. Tomato soup


Tomatoes contain carotenoids, possessing antioxidant properties.

15. Mango, agave and granola with yogurt


Pour the fruit with Greek yoghurt and wait for vitality and immunity.

16. Chickpeas with spinach


Put your chickpeas and spinach with yogurt and cumin. Now in your Arsenal is vitamin B6.

17. Carrot-orange juice


This juice contains carotenes that help nourish the thymus gland. The thymus gland is responsible for many immune system functions.

18. Cucumber salad


Cucumbers are rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, PP, provitamin A. Cucumbers are beneficial for good blood circulation – a major factor in stimulating the immune system.

19. Chicken Breasts with lemon


Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C. So don’t be afraid to roast a chicken with lemons.

20. Green beans with lemon and garlic


Beans removes harmful substances from your body, and in combination with garlic and lemon is simply invincible weapon.

21. Ginger-carrot soup


Ginger has detoxifying properties. Soup with carrots and ginger is a super food.

22. The juice of kiwi fruit, watermelon and lime


In kiwi contains more vitamin C than oranges. And Lyme watermelon and more freshness than in the freshness. So, dude, feel free to mix these ingredients and drink the energy right out of the glass.

23. Apple pie


Apples – the most important source of pectin. And apples, protect the body from viruses, so eat them as much as possible.

24. Cocktail with coconut milk


Semesi incredibly useful milk with mango, banana and strawberries. Coconut milk gives your body a lot of nutrients, and with his participation, make a very tasty cocktails.

25. Orange tea


Scientists say that immune system blood cells of tea drinkers five times faster kills germs in the body. So you can add to the tea a little orange to make a delicious and healthy drink.

Naturally, all of these vegetables and fruits are best consumed in raw form, but sometimes the monotony get bored and want to try something new. Obtain prescriptions, buy products and send a friend in the kitchen!

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