25 ways to live 25 hours a day

clockNo, dude, time is not money. That’s what life is about. The more time you have, the more you live. So saving time means saving lives. If you are constantly lacking time, so you don’t manage it and not keeping up with their lives.

Below 25 proven ways to save time.

1. Look for privacy

You may differ from me, and I respect that, but I need to be in peace and silence. I feel stress when the TV yells, the dog barks, the kids are screaming, the cat meowing, a phone ringing, microwave beeping, the washing machine works, the phone vibrates, etc.

2. Visual reminders

Very useful to write prominently on the important things. For example, to use stickers: to write more business, and a bit smaller — the reason for which it is required to do. Leave the sticker where you see it: on the mirror, before bed, on the keyboard. It does not work if you have a lot of stickers for different things, but with a couple of tasks so much easier to handle.

3. True

Lying to yourself and others difficult. Truth often comes to light and puts us in a negative light. Lie generally complicates the situation and makes us look like assholes. Look at public people. Many of them are disgraced, because I didn’t want to admit the truth. Much better to take a habit not to lie, even if there are difficulties. So you save yourself from unnecessary headaches.

4. Invest, and let you drip interest

When you make money, not applying to this effort, it is very cool. This benefit will invaluable. Each torque obtained in this way is the ruble, for which you did not bother. That’s why you are approaching financial independence, when you don’t have to sell their time for a fee.

5. Complaints kill time and energy. Stop it!

When you complain, you blame everything and everyone but himself. If you noticed for a such a habit, look in the eyes of their problems and don’t let them scare you. When you begin to better understand their thoughts and emotions, you learn not to succumb to fear. You will be able to do things that previously scared you, realizing that it brings you profit or benefit.

6. Learn to get up early

Do not oversleep your life! Very good help, for example, to set the alarm clock on the other end of the room: so you’ve just stand. We even have a text that will teach you everything.

7. To say «no» — OK

When we say Yes, we choose the action, but it is sometimes useful to refuse. We have a finite amount of hours in our life, you really pity for them? If you don’t have time for any business, service or something of that sort, it is normal to just give up.

8. Get help

If you have a business idea and no time for its realization, you can trust capital to someone you trust (or someone you specifically was hired to do). It will do what you tell him, and finally realize your intentions. And it’s not just business.

9. Use technology to save time

Not as stupid as I am. It saves time. If you have a website, let them very automatically: you’d forget. If there is a place in the kitchen — buy a dishwasher: sorry for the dish. And so on, further, further.

10. Stop torturing yourself by striving for perfection

Perfection is an illusion. We seek it because our brain is a vision of the desired result, which we have not yet reached. Understand that perfection and imperfection is subjective things are created in your brain; in reality does not exist. You make mistakes to grow, don’t let perfectionism paralyze you. If you don’t fail, you’re probably not trying hard enough.

11. Study the case before spending time on it

I have had it: I presume, for example, for some translation, I reach the middle of the text, and it is bad. So much time off! And why? Study the case and then grab it.

12. Haste makes waste. Slow down

When you are quickly trying to get a good result, most likely, you will fail in both: the result will be bad, and in order to fix have to spend a lot of time. When you feel a painful rush, just stop, focus.

13. Prioritize

In life there must be balance. Imagine the full picture. Can even draw a diagram of their interests, to realize what we have to work more, and something to think about in the least. Hang up this simple little design somewhere that will be able to see him. How does he look? And what would you like to see him?

14. Don’t waste your time worrying about what you cannot control

In life, there are inevitable things. Something that defies your control. So isn’t it better to stop to worry and start to live your life? Our days will be good and bad. If we worry about that, then nothing will change.

15. Enjoy. Suffering is just a waste of time

Have you ever stopped and thought why are you doing this? Have you ever felt that you live for the sake of crossing things off the list and keep up with the calendar? Maybe if you’re not having fun, then live my life in vain? The time we spent, bored, afraid, angry, hurrying, being unhappy is wasted time.

16. Get rid of junk

Dedicate some time to this exciting venture. When the space is free of rubbish, you yourself more pleasant to be in it, you work more productively, and rest more intense, because there’s nothing to distract your attention. The trash pulls us down, distracts us, and fills our life with chaos.

17. Turn off the TV!

People are less socialize, play sports and read books because all their time is devoted to TV. Instead of having a lot of free time (because a lot of things automated), we kind of have it for much less. We just dragged and watch TV. Why?

18. Work now to relax later

If you spend time to earn, then you will be able in good conscience to rest. Who works half-heartedly, and the rest half-heartedly, because he always have something to do, to redo, to worry about the result.

19. Analyze the situation and predskazyvat the result

It helps to be effective. It would be like to take up the case, after reading it. If you see that above your head clouds are gathering, it is not necessary to wait for a random gust of wind that disperse them. If the ball that you held on a string, fly, don’t stand and wait that he will return. Well, I meant that figuratively. You know what I mean.

20. If you want to remember, write down

Memory — a thing unreliable. There are many reasons to write down important things. If you write, you will not forget, will not lose in the depths of his bright mind. Don’t write — forget a lot of good and worth it.

21. Any busy while waiting

When you have to wait for something, to do something. For example, to read the book. You usually have time to read a few pages. It’s strange: we spend so much time wasting! We can say that it is possible to obtain a higher education, reading for an hour a day for five years.

22. Do the most important forward

In the beginning of the day do the most important things this Board will let you spend the day with advantage. Don’t give the world a chance to ruin your plans! You can even plan a day on the clock.

23. Use the appropriate tools

It is easier to be a good host when you have the right tools. If your tools only complicate your work and increase the time required for it, you should get somewhat better. There are also elephant a bunch of different cleaners, vacuum cleaners, steamers that save time and money.

24. Remember: everything around you is valuable

If you think it is valuable, you’re wasting someone else’s time and yours. The biggest waste of time and oxygen is to be not valuable person. Noncentral yourself, friends, society and the planet.

25. Spend minutes now to save hours in the future

You can spend a bit of time to save time. We have to work smarter, not harder. You can save countless hours by being more efficient now.

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