25 tips for twenty-five years

manygoodtips.com_10.12.2014_H7teh0F0AcbuqYou’re getting older, and every year is better and more I understand that life really is that you’re living the best years of my life. And you understand that at 20 and 30 and 40… But today we will talk about you twenty-five. 20 comes the tipping point. You realize that grow older that the end is inevitable. But you are still young and not particularly to dwell on the meaning of life.

When you’re 25, you’re more serious in this matter. You already got some education, I learned a little life and maybe have time to learn what love is. In General, you almost held man. Only at a certain point you get into the standard trap. And now don’t know how to get out of it. In front of you, the question arose: «what’s next, dude?»

All this is because approaching next birthday. Soon 25 – the next anniversary. Anniversaries are always especially affect people. We immediately begin to rethink life more than any other birthday. But 25 is not a reason to despair and quit with the happy life, there are several good reasons:


The first reason is you. You’re a great man! Have fun with you, and with you beer even colder and more foam. There is no reason to stop with this fucking life, or at least to refuse to celebrate a birthday. Remember, say 30 life begins, and that at 40 it is just beginning, and in 50… And so on. You have to understand that any great age, how much would you not years. Death, she in any case will come, but not now. So, it is not, have fun on the full!


And second, all your dreams. It’s no wonder you did all this. At least the last 7 years of a conscious life. You’re not vain for something sought. There were some dreams, ideas, goals. Where a significant reason to give that up? If you have no dreams, that is the core issue of your anxiety. Try to find a new meaning of life, and everything will work out.


The third is all of your words. You seem to have promised something to his family. Parents, girlfriend – they’re counting on you. So that’s another incentive not to give up. Damn, didn’t look like we discouraged you from suicide, but it’s not. We just know that now you are experiencing a difficult period, and want to help you cope with this shit.


Focus on education. Yeah, cool, we know that you are a bachelor some sort of science. Sounds convincing, but that remained in your head after a short training in the University? Now you know something, unlike that guy who came to uni a few years ago. You were studying because you had to. Now you have to learn for themselves.


Reconsider their attitude to the relationship. Now for you the word «love» or get too many, or not bear any value. Maybe you have realized that words are not important. I love not those that say that word to each other. Maybe you learned what real feelings, and the word «love» is very dirty and it should not be used in this case. In any case, you can learn for yourself. You only need to master.


Do something for your future career. If you’re not lost in vain school years, you probably worked somewhere in free time. But if you’re not a stupid man, you probably worked in the specialty. And not in order to gain valuable experience, but in order to understand your. Now you need to rethink all of its activities and direct results that will benefit your career.


Take care of your independence. Enough to strangle the mother, let her finally breathe a full breast. Remember: confidence and independence is directly proportional to sexuality.


Step back from the games. So, the game is certainly good, when you have no responsibilities when you’re a student or just ordinary. But when it comes to serious adult life, you have to bite the eggs and the teeth and remove all the games that are able to distract you from achieving life goals.


Learn to finally experiment. You know how hard it is to force yourself to go to a new place, although he motivate other dudes on it? In fact, it is because of you that we sometimes force ourselves to visit the unusual places of our city. After all, we all should serve each other by example.


You have time to learn. So, you’re 25, and you do not know, whose body is inhabited. Suddenly may be interested in the details. Maybe you really don’t mind to eat 3 pieces of cake on the sly from my friend… and you’re a risk taker!..


By the way, I hope you already realized that can not change someone. People don’t change, unfortunately. At least they don’t change for the better. And naive to believe in your 25, you still have the power to fix this world.


Still have to love yourself. Not to the extent that you look like a asshole-narcissist. You just have to learn not to be ashamed of yourself. It’s not about your physical shape and overall appearance. Your squads. Maybe you don’t mind watching with a friend the entire series of Christmas films in a time when other guys hanging out at the bar. So what? That is so cool! So, do you like movies more than alcohol. Put a tick.


Agree with you about the further plans for life that are binding. For example, at least once a year you should do something significant. There will be proud of the rest of your life. Maybe for you a reason for pride is the rejection of bad habits or. Do it.


Learn to be disappointed in people. As it is sad sounds, but those who betrayed once, will betray again, definitely. This is what you need to learn. It is not necessary to take back the man who previously framed you, that bitch will show their true colors.


Define with your best friend. If your life is going beautifully, then you already have a best friend. Not friends but friend. Because a real friend is just one dude who collected all the best.


Learn how to cook. After all, not always you have at hand is a helpful friend that is willing to present a delicious and beautiful dish. Will have to learn the skill of cooking, besides the best chefs are men.


Think you learned to appreciate family more as a student, unless, of course, learned away from home and family. If things were different and you still do not understand their parents, the time has come for reappraisal. Now native people is the most precious thing you have and that, unfortunately, you will soon lose. This thought should make you treat the native with great awe, love and care. Appreciate them while they are with you.


Think about what kind of mission you have on this planet. And you will cope with it. If you have no mission, then it’s time to change something in yourself and your life. Otherwise, you’re just a useless body that ranks and selects suitable part of oxygen.


Tony wasn’t in a rut. If you’ve got a family, don’t give up on your free time. You don’t have to spend with his wife all free from work and sleep hours of your life. Do not forget about meetings with friends and family. You have to be individual, and dissolved in his companion.


Reach the level of self-actualization. Find out what you can do and find new incentives. To be a drone cool, but hopeless.


Renew your lingerie. We are not about what you have to change dirty underwear on the net, even though it is necessary. Bought a couple of sets of shorts and socks. You’re probably still carrying the underwear that you bought mom.


Don’t be shy about your attitude to life. You may not like your friends see the world. So, this is the norm.


To focus on the technique. Of course, cool when you have a cool smartphone that is like the old six, just do not try to kill the flagships. It’s nothing special, and to carry out all the necessary manipulations with the help of ordinary phone.


Don’t worry for their health. Soon you will understand why family the holidays always wish each other health. Because it’s more than money – it’s your life.


Learn to finally structure. Get a small notebook where you write down all the Essentials that you need to perform throughout the day. Learn from Gatsby. Why he came to success? He had everything laid out on shelves. Wake up, Breakfast, workout, training, literature and so on. No matter what business he was illegal and fate, overall, is not specified. The important thing is that he still got what he wanted, and as a child he dreamed of wealth.

Then you have the right to formulate its purpose and day-to-day to go for it. All this is not difficult, but nevertheless necessary.

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