25 things that will change the life to the next century. Part II

Poradi.s.ua_16.05.2016_44dOaZ3sNXARDWet dreams of a happy future rested solely in human potential. Making forecasts of activity and life so fickle a creature as man, – a thankless task. However, the complete inability to draw conclusions and to learn from mistakes makes you hope for a good and breadth of technical progress. As sung in the old song «In the year 2525»:

«In the year 9595

I rather wonder if man is gonna be alive.

He took everything this old earth can give

And nothing has returned.»

So we’re wondering if man is gonna be alive, but only after 100 years. So it’s time to continue to fantasize about his future.

13. 130th birthday

Given the advances in the field of preventive medicine and health technology, people will live into their hundreds. In 2016 there are a lot of centenarians and the oldest of them 122 years.

Future 130-year-old hero of the day these days will celebrate its 80th anniversary and still be of sound mind and good physical shape. While most in this age begin the rapid degradation and movement in the opposite direction.

14. More machine, less human

Given the diversity of biotech updates, which presumably will be available by 2070, have a standard inhabitant of the Earth will be a lot more non-biological parts of the body than the biological. Oh, these trouble-free bionic eyes and ears cybernetic implants to communicate with other devices, the nanorobots in the bloodstream and, possibly, artificial intelligence or improve physical performance! And if the movie «Hardcore» not deceived, but the dentures will become indistinguishable from natural body parts.

What, against such improvement mind even somehow uncomfortable.

15. The first space Elevator

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2016_7LYqOLp4SknOTMaybe he will look like iron box, whose supergranny cable stretches from the Ground attached to a counterweight in space, but it seems to us that no cables will be, and all will pass through a space station. Many projects need in the end to choose one.

The main obstacle to the creation of this problem is the invention of super-strong and super material that can withstand cosmic acceleration.

16. The ozone layer will recover

Given the opportunities and, most importantly, the desire of the world community, thoroughly punctured the Earth’s ozone layer will be restored. When and how is hard to say, but should recover.

17. Ion engines for space travel

Ion drives have become a reality in 2016, but currently their link is not going to any comparison with the classic engines, although their fuel efficiency is higher at least 12 times, which makes the technology promising in some near future.

These engines work best in vacuum of space, so, most likely, the ion engines will be used during interstellar travel, where fuel efficiency is key.

Sufficiently advanced technology requires a thorough revision. If completion will take quickly and selflessly in the near future it will be the most popular type of engine in interstellar space, and Mizhhiria.

18. People On Jupiter

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2016_0TfVcctabJt5wWhat the hell? Moreover, many believe the moons of Jupiter ideal candidates for extraterrestrial colonization and the eternal resting place for earthlings, if home happens full Alles kaput.

19. Europe heats up

Currently, the temperate climate of Europe gradually growing up, and over the next century for countries such as France and the UK, the annual maximum of 40°C will be quite adequate and everyday reality.

Environment begins much like North Africa, where drought and sadness is an integral part of life. Traditional agriculture in the region is getting harder and harder and arable land are moving farther North, threatening to turn Siberia into a breadbasket of Russia.

20. Colonization Of Antarctica

Antarctica has a land mass (unlike the Arctic, which consists mainly of glaciers) and is currently the most wild and unexplored place on the planet. Most likely, a more detailed study of the sixth continent will transform our view of the world, as the discovery of the New World in 1500-ies.

21. Global language

Work.com.ua_16.05.2016_NKCilyWfy51DVAs the world gets closer and closer, some cultures interpenetrate and complement in the other, and small Nations in the global assimilyatsiya strata, reduces the number of human languages. And this trend is only gaining momentum.

The speech of the 22nd century is likely to be a combination of Chinese, English and Spanish are the most common and popular languages to learn. The native language is likely to be the second, but the rural and regional dialects are likely to go extinct. Largely because the vast majority of the population will live in cities.

22. The first type

To 2116 year the human race will reach type I in Kardashev scale. This kind of method of measuring technological development of civilization, based on the amount of energy that civilization can use for their needs. The power consumption of the first type can be compared with the power received by the planet from the Central star and the energy sources of the planet itself.

Civilization type I can also control weather and natural disasters, and inefficient, limited fossil fuels.

Type I is the first step in the establishment of proper civilization with shared global state and a sufficient excess of energy that will make life and any activity on the planet.

23. Terraforming on Mars

At the time, «the Martian Chronicles» ray Bradbury has greatly stirred the consciousness of the author. But it is likely that years of entering 100 different bacteria, algae and plants on the Martian surface will fill the planet with oxygen and the atmosphere that make it suitable for life. A set of many plants depends on what kind of life is found on Mars and whether it will be in principle found there.

24. Other work

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2016_gTYBQ6DYz3hwhIn the workflow itself, also will be a revolution. «Work smarter, not harder» will prevail, relegating such a thing as a life for work. The very structure of the work schedule, its high-tech (if we are not talking about the scavengers, who in 100 years will be doing the same thing in exactly the same way) will eliminate such a thing as «working time». It will be more ephemeral.

Most importantly, people will finally learn to appreciate the comfort, but will stop working for a comfortable life.

25. Rules for robots

In 1942, the legendary science fiction writer Isaac Asimov in the story «Runaround» formulated 3 rules of robots ‘ behavior:

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come harm.

2. A robot must obey all orders, which gives a person, except where such orders conflict with the First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own to the extent that it does not contradict the First or Second law.If these laws are followed, humanity will be able to breathe easy because it can only mean one thing – people are still above the robots.

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