25 things that will change the life to the next century. Part I

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_HO0lKsQ1AleThNow we can not imagine your life without delay, mobile phones and the rolled pants, however, it’s nothing compared to what awaits us in the future. And Shine gardens on Mars and the man will be invincible as a God (but religion continues to be popular even in this case). You need to within the next hundred years these things have become an integral part of life for any self-respecting guy.

1. Passwords and biometrics

Biometric this will probably come in a dozen, well, maybe a few decades. We have many years threaten to hold all the data, including the retina, with fingerprints, passport data and INN, on the card, mimics the passport. And here and the cards do not need any.

Very soon will be just enough not to lose eyes, hands, face (in all senses) and voice to the device identification is able to identify you everywhere: at the Bank, and the border control point. The facial recognition program already in use at many customs checkpoints in many airports around the world. Now, instead of dark, disgusting man with a surly face at the table sits the car, and this trend will only gain momentum, because it’s really easy.

2. Printed on a 3D printer for human organs

3D printing has now become almost a daily occurrence: the Chinese are using the mega 3D printer assemble at home, they are actively used in industry for manufacturing, particularly plastic components. Thing Archidona. But soon this technology will become indispensable to medicine. Already active printed inorganic implants, including joints, prosthetic limbs, prosthetic heart valves. While such bodies be successfully adopted in the experiments. But progress has gone so far that even became somehow inconvenient to show off the achievements of inorganic implants, and it is therefore not surprising that in the printing of biological materials and internal organs seen such tremendous progress. Recently in SKOLKOVO printed and successfully transplanted the thyroid gland of the mouse. So soon will be printed the purpose of the heart. The fabric itself consists of the patient’s own cells, eliminating the risk of rejection. Until 2025 will be printed and tested the first bodies for people. So to lose one limb and drink the liver is not so bad.

3. Masdar City

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_nHmz9p6Ekm6sZHas already become the legendary project of eco-city of the UAE, which will be a new milestone in urban planning. No traditional cars, only vertical farms and energy from renewable sources. When the cities will become a regular thing for Mother Earth and will at all? Hard to say, many still have to distrust it, especially mind the high cost of urban pleasure. But nowhere to go.

4. Alternative sources of protein

All sports, all want to be muscular and brawny, all eat this meat. Only where to stock up on so many meat? Especially since the price of it, and so grow by leaps and bounds. Without protein in fact still, but to become vegan for many the death of such activity. Then comes the turn of alternatives to Express themselves.

Daring to eat insects. The benefit though ass chew so much that all will not eat. In Asia and some parts of South America they have become a familiar dish in the diet, but people, devouring arthropods are not used, you may have to get used to such extravagant meals, like a Burger with locusts.

For the tech-oriented consumers who are not willing to put in the mouth of any caterpillar, suitable for meat, lab grown synthetically. Prices do not immediately become available to the common layman, but with the simplification of technology is such a piece can even afford a nurse from the national hospital. At the same time is a way to solve the problem of hunger.

5. Self-driving cars

Thanks to improved AI, GPS and means of communication for this generation of vehicle is used for freight and as a personal transport. Perhaps in the era of these cars will sharply decrease the number of cars on the road, and your «horse» will be able to take you to work and then return home. Besides, to use it running for myself and my family very comfortable. At the same time freed vast tracts of land intended for Parking.

6. Bionic eyes

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_vy2UrZmDK19MvThese eyes not only restore set computer vision with a resolution of pixel to pixel, but will allow you to play such things as infrared vision, the ability to record video and who knows, you might even see a man without clothes.

7. The nanoparticles used in the treatment of cancer

Strongly-detrimental nature of the current procedures for the treatment of cancer sooner or later must give way to a more peaceful way, which will finish off the remnants of immunity and to deprive of the scalp.

What do you need? To deliver a tiny but potent dose of drugs directly to where they should be, which will greatly reduce the painful and debilitating side effects of modern treatment methods, which do not see the difference between healthy and cancerous tissue. Nanoparticles can also be used for targeted delivery of drugs, vaccines and even superanna the diagnosis of diseases.

8. Work for all

«Available work in every family» – perhaps it is the motto of the future. While some ride on our homes, removing them from the master’s of dirt, gradually the fashion includes other machines: the emotional, which is designed to brighten the lives of older people.

HER increasingly intertwined with real life: system of «smart house» and even cybernetic implants used in medicine. So that the integration of technology in our daily existence, everything occurs more smoothly.

9. A permanent human presence on Mars

By 2050-ies of permanent staff scientists, researchers, and even the odd tourist will be able to settle on Mars.

Before the settlement is still very far away, and everything from accommodation modules to 3D printers are able to print everything you need (even food) for settlers, is under development. However, the flight will be, definitely gonna happen. States have industrial interest in resources that may be rich in Red planet, and scientists – too many issues of scientific direction, carriers should confirm or deny. Besides, space travel will earn their millions, because the length of travel will supposedly be reduced from several months to several days, and the number of tourists who dream by will Bradbury to set foot on the planet to grow trees, not exhausted.

10. The end of the oil century

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2016_SZD55wZgv9De6To get off the oil needle difficult, but necessary. Since the first oil boom in the 19th century it took a good 200 years. Here only stocks the black monster is rapidly running out, and every year plans to use renewable sources of energy are becoming a necessity. In place of oil coming nuclear fission, the beginnings of the technology of ion thruster and many other options that would be less painful for Mother Earth.

11. «Designer» babies

Wow! It will be possible to design yourself a rug rat that was fine, came on time and did not drink more than Bati. Dream, not a child. It will be possible to program his appearance, which is particularly popular in conditions of persistent cult of beauty. It will also be possible to remove all genetic disorders that will only make the nation stronger. And most importantly: you can make a generous gift for his child – to pump intelligence and personality. Directly editor character in «the Sims», not life. Only here it is not clear that this intelligent and mannered beauties from you, and if it is, programirovanii to the smallest nuances to be considered a man?

12. Dawn of the cyborgs

For half a century technology and biology go hand in hand. And speech here goes not about creating robots in human form that requires a black leather jacket and motorcycle, but about implants for patients. Very cool, for example, be an implant of the spinal paralysed person. Some implants will be able to follow your dream and food, and then Recalling the lack of something, and propose a solution. Very useful for diabetics, and interface with the brain for those who forget or are too lazy to take vitamins in the morning, and anyone who ceases to go to the gym in two weeks, a very attractive thing.

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